Myrtle Park Campgrounds, TAS Re-Open for Upcoming Holiday Season

Myrtle Park Campgrounds, TAS Re-Open for Upcoming Holiday Season

The City of Launceston will reopen the ever-popular Myrtle Park camping site to the public on October 22nd, after a lengthy winter closure.

The proposal to establish overnight camping costs at the site at $20 per night per site, up to a maximum of 10 persons, was unanimously approved at today’s ordinary meeting of councillors. This is the same price as it was last year, according to the recommendation.

It is with great pleasure that Council has been able to restore access to the park in time for this summer’s school holidays, according to Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten.

“Despite the fact that they will be on-site 24/7, the new operators are looking forwards to a busy summer season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the park was completely booked during the whole Christmas season, given how popular it has proved to be in recent years “Mayor Van Zetten made the statement.

This year, the public will have access to 30 campsites, an increase from the previous year’s total of 20. Of them, 15 will be located beside the river.

While the hall will be accessible for reservations, the day-use facilities, such as the tennis courts and the kiosk, will once again be available for visitors to enjoy.

On Monday, September 27, the public will be able to make reservations for campsites at the Launceston Visitor Information Centre and online via the City of Launceston website.

“The Council fully recognises and respects the importance and popularity of Myrtle Park campsite to the community,” Mayor van Zetten stated in a statement.

Once the grounds are restored, we fully anticipate that they will be completely filled, so I would urge anybody interested in staying at Myrtle Park during the summer to reserve their accommodations early.

A three-month hiatus is scheduled to begin on April 30, 2022, and it is anticipated to return for business in August of the following year.

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