The Free Range Camping Team

The Free Range Camping Team

Hi we are Rob & Michelle, and our children Jade & Henry. We are an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey. About five years ago we ditched our everyday lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, converted an old school bus into a motorhome and set off to educate our kids, by exposing them to our beautiful country. When we left they were aged 6 and 2. Since then, we have covered half the country, and had countless experiences, which you can read about in our personal Blog.

For us, wanting to remain on the road full time meant having to find different and affordable ways of doing so. As a result we discovered house sitting, volunteering and helping out farmers in exchange for accommodation.

As we travelled, we found many struggling communities and businesses, which increased our desire to shop locally wherever possible. We found, however that in each new town we came to, it was often difficult to locate the businesses and services that we needed.

What we needed and wanted was a directory that would not only include alternative campsite options, but also connect us with the communities through which we were travelling. Unfortunately, what we wanted didn’t exist, so we decided to create it. As a result, we called on our long-time friend and IT guru Glen to assist us and the result is FRC.

FRC will benefit you by showing you how to find alternative places to stay, how to find business, services and places that meet your needs and, also how to save money through discounts, offers and incentives. Our desire is to: “Connect Campers with Communities”.

As we strongly believe in supporting Australia, local communities, families and farmers, anyone who can supply accommodation options or services to list in our directory will have the ability to do so free of charge.  We have also pledged to support struggling communities and organisations by contributing a share of our profits as and when we are able.  We would like to see our profits not only assisting charity organisations but, also the smaller, unknown strugglers in communities that work quietly and sacrificially to help others and could do with a hand.

Our hope is that you enjoy FRC and all that it has to offer.

It has been 4 years in the making and still developing. It is growing and evolving daily and we look forward to any input and feedback you can give us to help us make this one of the most valuable travelling tools available to you. We look forward to catching up with as many of you as we can, whilst we continue our travels around OZ.

Here’s The Team

Rob – DTE (Designated Toilet Emptier) – Skill Set – Motorhome conversions, Driver, Cook, Dishwasher, Cleaner, Repairs, Maintenance, and as you can see, I don’t always wear the pants.

Michelle – Media, Research, & Communications. – Basically, takes lots of photos, tells us where to go, and loves to have a chat, long chats. So if you see her on the road, come over, say ‘Hi’ and stay for a day or two.

Jade, just an 11 year old kid having the time of her life. Loves the outdoors and adventure, you will usually find her up a tree, in the water, or covered in mud.

Henry – Our  7 year old CEO. Let’s just say, being cute has its advantages, but he is an easy going little fella having spent more than half his life on the road. He loves to sing and play the odd tune on the guitar, and depending on the day he is also up for a chat.

Freeda – The Free Range Chicken. Freeda recently escaped from her caged environment, and as you can see is currently enjoying a life of freedom, camping her way around Australia. Look out for Freeda in the most unlikely of locations.

And, last but not least, we picked up Glen, an old family favourite, and our IT Guru. When we came to Glen with the idea of the directory, he gave me his standard reply. ” No Problems, Only Solutions! ” Since then he has been non-stop building our site and directory.  Do you think we are in safe hands?

So please enjoy our Blog. It is our personal story of life on the road so far, and how it all started.  We look forward to interacting with as many of you as we can as we will be hitting the road again real soon.

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