Popular Rapid Bay Campground in S.A Remains Open Despite Complaints

Popular Rapid Bay Campground in S.A Remains Open Despite Complaints

Despite a letter from a neighbouring ratepayer who asked for the campground to be shut down, Rapid Bay Campground, in South Australia will remain open.

A vote to keep the campground open and to sign a deal for a campsite manager to operate the land for the next two to three years was held in Yankalilla Council on Tuesday night.  Cape Jervis Progress Association chairperson Lauren Barrington was inspired to start a petition after receiving many questions about the campsite’s future in May.

Over time, it has received over 9,000 digital signatures.

Even after replying to the ratepayers’ legal letter in May, Nigel Morris, Council chief executive hasn’t heard back from them.  Mr Morris said that if it wasn’t a campground, the location would be just used for illegal camping.  He said shutting the campground would cause more problems than it solves.

A letter from a legal firm working for a Cygnet Place homeowner, requesting the campsite to be closed, was received by the council in May.

It asked the city council to stop causing or allowing the use of the property for a public campground.

The popular Rapid Bay Campground is a popular camping destination

Many visitors flock to this well-known vacation destination, and some residents have expressed worries about noise and trash.

The town’s lawyer responded to the Cygnet Place ratepayer via letter and assured them that the use of the property as a campground was permitted.

However, city councillors had requested a study on the advantages and disadvantages of keeping the location open, before making their final decision on the location’s future.

Apart from encouraging illegal camping, the article states that shutting the campsite will leave the general public with nowhere to stay if they go to the location to view the leafy sea dragons, which are classed as a world-class diving destination.

Additionally, businesses in the region would also be hurt, along with the campers who relied on the local environment.

On the positive side, the council will save money in operating expenses, and the property might be put to use for something else if the centre campground were to close. In the beginning, some people will be happy until the illegal camping starts.

The campsite was significant to many who enjoy its “off-grid” feel, and Mrs Barrington was happy that it would continue to operate.

She was all but glowing, exclaiming, “It’s such a wonderful area of Australia!

It will have a big impact on the nearby local businesses, as they’ve been worried about the potential for revenue loss.

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