Podcast Episode 3: Interview with FRC Ambassador and Full Time Traveller, Keith Thompson

Podcast Episode 3: Interview with FRC Ambassador and Full Time Traveller, Keith Thompson

In this episode, we chat with Keith Thompson.  Keith is the Full Range Camping, on the road ambassador.  Keith joined FRC 7 years ago as our data manager and on the road ambassador.  Keith has been a full-time traveller for over 8 years, and with his wife, Frances is travelling all over Australia, experiencing the wonders of grey nomading.

In his travels, Keith documents and notes locations he has visited.  He updates listings and adds new listings, that we present in both our app and website.  Keith has been a key asset for Full Range Camping, and he regularly contributes with his well researched and written articles on his experiences whilst travelling.  He has been a wealth of knowledge and you can often find Keith in many of the popular camping groups on Facebook, contributing and assisting people with their questions.

We caught up with Keith, whilst he was in Bowen, North Queensland, waiting for his caravan fridge to be repaired.  We chatted about where he has been travelling over the last few months and he provides some gems of information on some locations and tips that he has discovered in his 8 years of being on the road.

We are hoping Keith can be a regular contributor to the podcast, and impart his wealth of knowledge and assistance to all of our listeners.

Keith’s Articles in the FRC Website:

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