Update 2022: Majestic TV/DVD Combo – The Right 12v TV for your Caravan & RV

Update 2022: Majestic TV/DVD Combo – The Right 12v TV for your Caravan & RV

The Right 12v TV for Your Caravan & RV

When it comes to finding the right TV for your RV, in our opinion, there are two important things to take into consideration

1. Is it Energy Efficient?

2. Will it withstand harsh treatment?

240 volts is not always something you will have on tap, especially if you love free camping.  So ideally, a TV for your caravan or motorhome should run on both, and of course be energy efficient.  Whilst you can run a 240v TV via an inverter you have to bear in mind that the process of converting 240 volts into 12 volts actually uses more energy in the conversion process, for this reason alone a TV that is designed to run on a dedicated 12 volt supply would be more efficient.

The other thing to take into consideration is the fact that a TV in a Motorhome or Caravan is going to be subjected to some pretty harsh treatment.  Caravans in particular tend to bounce around quite a bit whilst being towed, so a home TV not built specifically for this environment may not last you the test of time.

Our Majestic 19″ TV cops a rough ride bouncing around while we drive

On the other hand, a TV that is built and designed especially for the Marine & RV environment will have been built to handle this type of treatment.

That is why we have chosen Majestic in our motorhome.  Before building Honky we researched many TV’s on the market and decided on Majestic for a few reasons.

Majestic TV’s – Designed & Built in OZ for Marine & RV

Predominately because they were built specifically for the harsh marine & RV environments.

Majestic was established in Australia in 2000. Also have been designing and developing their own brands since then to suit our environment.  They claim their products will survive and perform better than any domestic branded products. This is when subjected to the tough marine or harsh outback environment and they stand behind this with a FREE 3-year warranty.

Majestic offer a free 3 Year Warranty included with all products

Majestic has now expanded internationally but still develop its brands here in Australia.  They are developed by working closely with local boat manufacturers. Also aims to ensure that every model is an improvement on the previous one.  One of their latest features being the fact they are the first 12 volt TV with the ability to mirror everything on your phone or tablet to the big screen.

Mirror your phone or tablet directly to your TV

So we are now proud to become distributors of the Majestic Range of TV/DVD Combos.  There are several size units to choose from. Also a great range of brackets, once again, specifically designed for your RV.

We have made all the products available in the FRC Shop. Once again, we are happy to pass on some great savings to our Premium Club Members.

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