Introducing Let’s Go Caravan Insurance – Specialised Caravan Insurance

Introducing Let's Go Caravan Insurance At Full Range Camping we’re excited to announce our association with Let’s Go Caravan Insurance, a provider of specialised RV and caravan insurance. Let’s Go Caravan Insurance provides comprehensive cover for caravans with premiums that are competitively priced. What’s more, they are offering FRC members their Prestige cover option for [...]

Westinghouse Generators – Leading the way in powering up campsites

Westinghouse has been a reputable and household brand name around the world for over a century, most commonly known for their appliances, the Westinghouse brand grew from years of research and development, predominantly in the area of mobile power solutions.  Westinghouse now has an extensive range of generators to cover home, work and play, with [...]

Caravan Quality-Assurance Program… Does the Manufacturer of Your Caravan have One???

In this article from Colin of the Caravan Council of Australia, he has a look at the issue of compliance and quality assurance when it comes to Caravan and RV manufacturers in Australia.   The legal requirements for manufacturers of caravans and camper-trailers for ensuring full Compliance and high Quality, are exactly the same as those […]

Caravan RV Cables – Awning clothes lines & security cables for your Caravan, Motorhome or RV

Look under nearly every caravan awning and you will be sure to find a wide variety of towels or clothing hanging from them. Caravan awnings make one of the best makeshift clothes lines for travellers. And whilst there are so many ways they can be made, some are better than others.  Many use rope, which gets […]

Tint a Car – Window Tinting for Cars, 4WD’s, Caravans & Motorhomes

There are many benefits to window tinting.  It has been used around the home for years, but is also extremely beneficial to the Caravan and Camping industry for 4WD’s, caravans and motorhomes. However, when it comes to window tinting, there are many things to consider as we learnt when talking to our new partners at […]