Mammoth by Primus – Excellence in Portable Fridges for Camping & Caravans

Mammoth fridges and freezers are a quality product made by Primus, who have been making camping and adventure products for over 125 years. Like all Primus products, no shortcuts are taken and these German engineered units are a quality item. Mammoth 37l & 92l Models The 37l & 92l Mammoth Fridge/Freezers They range from a [...]

Towing Weights and Vehicles – Part 3 Towing Wagons

This is the third and final part in our three-part series on Towing Vehicles and weights.  Having looked closely at the most common types of  dual-cab utes on the market, in this article, Keith delves into 4WD wagons and their capacity as towing vehicles. Towing Wagons– How they stack up in real weight terms After previously looking […]