Tent Pegs & Awning Anchor Kits

*NEW HOOK COLLAR-50MM LONGER* The Ground Dogs pegs are the last pegs you will ever need. These pegs are super strong, and the day of pegs flying out of the ground are over. There are also awning kits to secure down your awning once and for all.

Clip Croc

Clip Together Crockery

ClipCroc is Quick, Quiet, Clean and Cool meaning NO FUSS, NO MESS and NO NOISE! ClipCroc is rattle free, easy to pack, safe to stack, heat insulating & easy to clean!

glo-x glow in the dark buttons & markers


The World’s Best Glow Products

Glow-in-the-Dark, buttons, markers, zippers, key and pet tags.  With up to 12 hours glow time from a single 15 minute charge, illuminate your night with this  Aussie Invention.

Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers

Grip Your Tarp

Tarp Grippers are nothing new.  But the design on these really set them apart. More function and more effective than existing slip or spring models.

Awning Tie Down Kits

Secure Your RV Awning

The RSG Awning Tie Down Clips are specially made and curved to the correct shape of your awning which will allow you to quickly and easily tie it down.

Westinghouse Generators

Power up your Campsite

FRC can now exclusively distribute Westinghouse Generators, and they are absolute beauties.  Members can even save up to 10% off RRP.

Caravan & RV Cables

Secure Your Valuables

The range of Caravan & RV Cables are strong and sturdy, made in Sydney.  Their secret is the ‘Cable Quality’.  All cables are made with 316 Marine Grade Steel and a 7×19 construction.  That is 133 strands of steel.


Strainer Meet Bucket

The Strucket is just like a normal bucket, butter better. It is a 2 component system. Inside there is a strainer component that has many uses. You can lock it in connection points on the outside component. It is very clever.


Folding Fire Pits & BBQs

Available in 3 sizes, the Quokka fire pit is the must have accessory for your next camping trip.  Use it as a fire pit, or a bbq.  Seriously, these things are fantastic.

caravans and rvs awning hooks


Hang Stuff Off Your Awning

These are small awning hooks that slide into the track of your caravan awning. Each hook is designed with two holes, a small and a large, as well as two hanging lugs.

Door Latch Extender for Caravans & RVs


Push That Door Out A Little Bit

A common problem with many RV’s & Caravans is the position of the door, in that it doesn’t allow a window to open fully. This great little gadget fixes that.

Shoo Away Keep The Flies Away


Keep The Flies Away

The Amazing Shoo Away is now available inside the Free Range Camping Shop. These great little gadgets work in keeping the flies away from your food.

Camping, Caravan, Motorhome Floor Mats-Annex & Outdoor Flooring


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