OzWit Heat Resistant Camp Oven Gloves


The OzWit Camp Oven Gloves are great for around the fire pit, they are rated to 300 degrees and have silicon grips. The gloves make it easier to move camp ovens, pans, hotplates around the fire and reduces the heat penetrating through. The long sleeve prevents burns occurring up your arm from oven racks and radiant heat from fires. One size fits all.

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5 reviews for OzWit Heat Resistant Camp Oven Gloves

  1. John Burgess

    Simply the best oven gloves you can buy.. another great product from Full Range Camping

  2. Cheryl Corby

    These are a fabulous item to have in our caravan. We do a lot of free camping and find the gloves brilliant around the campfire as well as the bbq. Both my husband and I can use the same gloves and they are a great safety item.
    Cheryl & Peter

  3. Sandra HOLMES

    Great arm coverage and grip for hot camping utensils The service was fast and easy
    ..Very Happy Thankyou

  4. Ardy

    Very, very useful. Protect hands and forearms well. Great grip. Pleased with the purchase.

  5. Brian Collett

    Great Product!! Top Quality!!! Both gloves fit either hand. Because of the weight of the full, hot camp ovens, pizza plates & large pots, one would still need both gloves!! The long cuffs are helpful in ensuring one is free from burns up the arm.
    The purchase and delivery procedure was also good considering it was Xmas!!
    Top Stuff FRC!!- Sarge Nannup WA

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