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Get both of the OzWit cookbooks Cooking With Camp Ovens & Fair Dinkum Damper and save.  These 2 books are the perfect companion for your camp oven.  With over 80 recipes combined, you will never run out of ideas for recipes to use with your camp oven.

Cooking with Camp Ovens

A great book to start experimenting and cooking in your camp oven.

OzWit will teach you how to cook a great camp oven, starting with your fire, getting enough colas for cooking and what you will beed to get started.  A heat bead guide and instructions on how to pre-season your camp oven, keeping it working and cooking well with our cleaning and maintenance tips.

Enjoy delicious meals with flavour as we include some great mouth-watering recipes.

When you enjoy cooking a roast, damper, pot roast, pie, pizza or silverside, seafood or time old classes using paperbark and woodchips with seasonal product you may find on your holiday or travels around Australia.

Fair Dinkum Damper

The first of it’s kind in the marketplace, bridging the much need and wanted gap! Season veterans are starving for new ideas and creatives ways to cok old classics.  OzWit’s Cooking Collection shows them the way.

This handy book will guide you and provide you with the secrets of successful cooking a damper in a camp oven on a fire, on gas, heat beads or in an oven.

Fair Dinkum dampers offers the best of explanations on cooking methods, raising agents, chemical agents, biological agents, history, great recipes and much more.

Whether preparing a damper as a starter, meal or dessert.

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5 reviews for OzWit Cookbooks Twin Pack

  1. Joan Whitham

    I needed info on using a camp oven so I bought this package and find it really helpful. Information is easy to follow and the recipes are good no nonsense. Looking forward to giving them a go.

  2. Mark Rogers

    These are great, can’t wait to try out some fabulous recipes.

  3. andrew clarke

    these book are fantastic while out camping. Haven`t had anyone complain about any thing i have cooked from these books.

  4. john brack

    Helps with new reciepes when camping.

  5. Derek Directory

    These two cookbooks are very informative, beautifully illustrated and have fantastic recipes. Makes camp oven cooking easy. Highly recommend them.

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