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* Extend the door latch from behind your van door
* There is a ring included to act as a spacer for larger door latches.

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Invented in Brisbane, Made in Brisbane

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Door Latch Extension Review

This Door Latch extension solves a common problem in many caravans that are unable to open their windows when the door is also open.
The standard configuration in many caravans means that the window of the main living area is in close proximity to the door frame.

The caravan door opens up over the window

Unfortunately, this means that if you have your door open and latched back to the caravan on a hot day, you cannot open your window to let the breeze in, as there is not enough clearance for the window stays to latch in place.

The window hits the door and the stays will not hold it open

Currently, most manufacturers only provide a short latch to fit neatly into the existing door frames. This means that in 90% of cases you cannot latch the door and use the window at the same time, meaning that you either cannot use the window, or have to come up with some way of keeping it open and then only a small amount.

Most common type of door latch

These door latch extensions, however, allow you to extend the length of the door latch, without modifications, meaning you can keep the door open and also have clearance to open your window to its full extent.

Problem Solved – Window can now stay open fully

The latches are strong and durable and made from 30% Fibreglass. There have been designed and made here in Australia.
They are easy to fit with an adjustable easy twist lock nut. They also have a spacer ring which means they will fit both the large and small door latches, meaning they will be suitable for about 90% of caravan doors. If you are not sure if it will suit your caravan take a quick measurement.  Fold the door back and take a measurement, the latch extender will give you an extra 280mm.

Strong, Durable & Easy to Fit

They fit into the existing wireframe of the door latch so there are no modifications needed. They are fully adjustable so you can get the maximum opening of the door and clearance for your window.

What we thought

Our motorhome does not have this type of latch on the door, so we sought out Tristan.  Tristan has an Option RV and has been struggling to come up with ideas over the last 2 years on how to keep the window open.  We gave him one of the new door latches to try out for us and he was very impressed.   You can watch the video here of how it solved Tristan’s problem.

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21 reviews for Caravan and RV Door Latch Extension

  1. tony smith

    the door was very close to the window so had to buy 2 latch Extensions and join together for it to work as required

  2. Geoff Chapman

    A simple and easy to use extension that allows us to have both the door and the side window open at the same time. Congratulations to the person/people that developed it.

    I score the product 10/10


  3. Lou Bendevski

    All i can say it works and best money ive spent spot on thanks

  4. Mary Hincksman

    We have been struggling to find a way of having both the door and window open at the same time. Then this product came along. It is wonderful. Works a treat and it SO simple to install. Just love it and the fresh air we are now getting. Thank you

  5. Geoff

    Have been looking for one of these for a long time, perfect, many thanks.

  6. Gary

    Our Problem Solved, we have an extra arm fitted to our Rollout Blind due to the length of the Blind, and it was fitted right behind the door opening, so a Normal latch would not hold the door back. We have been using a Hockey strap but the wind keep shutting the solid door. We this latch being more solid it will hold the door open to allow the air flow through the van.

  7. Duncan

    What a great piece of kit for the caravan. In the past, I have used all sorts of things to prop the door open so as we can have the window open.
    Thank goodness for this invention.

  8. Wendy Frankcombe

    Solved a big problem for us. So simple but great

  9. Michael Lupton

    Just what was needed came prompt and fits well

  10. Steve

    Congrats to whoever invented the latch extender my Jayco has the door opening to the window side so you can’t open the window at all now with the latch extender this is possible thanks so much.

  11. Graeme Andrews

    This is the gadget I’ve been waiting for. Easy to use and carry and makes window opening a breeze. Everyone needs one of these.

  12. Peter M

    My wife sleeps on the door side of the caravan and one of her bugbears is not being able to fully open her window for that cooling air in the evening. Me, I sleep on the other side with a fully opening window.
    Problem solved with the latch extender and has seen a very happy face and a happy wife is a happy life.

  13. Graeme Barr

    Great product does what is supposed to do now able to fully open window and door at same time

  14. Wayne harvey

    Bought this item and was sceptical ,fitted it and it works a treat. Keeps the missus of my back.

  15. Jo

    Such a great idea. The extra breeze through our van is terrific – we always used to have the big window closed. Thank you.

  16. Craig Larden

    A simple, cost effective and efficient solution to the caravan designers’ poor design and positioning of a large window. Now we can actually open the door and the window, will miracles never cease!!

  17. Anne Timms

    I have a 15ft van, my issue was with the arm of the awning, when extended I couldn’t latch the door open, now I can!

  18. Sue

    Great product. Does exactly as advertised. Very easy ordering and prompt delivery.

  19. Geoff Cameron

    Great invention, does exactly what it is designed to do, allows us to have the door and window open at the same time

  20. John Burdinat

    We have not been able to open the window at all with the door latched back to the side of van. This fantastic gadget has partially resolved the problem but is not long enough to allow window to be fully open (it still hits) but at least we now have partial opening. I note Tony Smith review above and may need two extensions to achieve my goal but that said, the device is so simple and easy to use.

  21. Sharon Hildenhagen

    Another great idea, another problem solved. Thankyou

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