Rain Saver Gutter Kit + Bonus Value Pack


FREE SHIPPING AUS WIDE – The Original Rain Saver Gutter Kit just got better with the introduction of their brand new Leaf Guard.  Now you can collect your water and keep it clean.  Leaf Guard helps prevent leaves entering your bucket as you are collecting water.  Simply place in the top of your bucket to enjoy a cleaner water supply.

Kits comes in three sizes to suit all vans:
* Option 1 – 10 Clips (18ft van) $82.50
* Option 2 – 14 Clips (24ft van) $94.50
* Option 3 – 18 Clips (Big Rig) $107.50

Each kit is fully supplied with;-
* Bucket with pre-stamped hole and lid
* Bucket fitting with O ring
* Snap on hose connector
* Bungee Balls
* Installation instructions

Consisting of:
* 2 x Extra Clips
* 1 x Leaf Guard Filter (NEW ITEM)
Total Extra Value $26.00


Australian Made
Invented in Brisbane, Made in Brisbane

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The Rain Saver Gutter is one of those products that was borne from necessity!

Have you ever sat under your awning watching the rain fall and pool around your flooring and wished there was a way you could catch all that water and store it in your tanks?

Michael, who is the inventor of the Rain Saver Gutter did exactly that when he was camping at Bruney Island Passage.  Not wanting to relocate just to get water, and sick of filling jerry cans and caring them back and forth, he thought long and hard about it all and came up with a novel idea on how to convert an existing awning, into a gutter that can collect rain water just as efficiently as any household guttering system.

We met Michael at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping show and saw his product in action.  He showed us how quick and easy it was to install, and gave a demonstration of how it collects rain water.

The video below shows how it all works.

13 reviews for Rain Saver Gutter Kit + Bonus Value Pack

  1. Bryan Martin

    Arrived on time and in time before we had to leave. Haven’t had to use it yet but looking forward to the next opportunity.

  2. Anthea Wylie

    Received this product on the delivery date stated. Very pleased with it. Hasn’t been used yet. As is a Christmas present.

  3. Sherry Waddell

    Corny saying but still true – Best thing since sliced bread. Nothing worst than walking out from under the awning and getting wet these stop that problem and we get to add fresh rainwater to the tanks.
    Delivery time was fast excellent communication from the guys at FRC.
    Thoroughly recommend these.

  4. Margaret Shaw

    Happy with our Rainsaver. Easy to attach to the valance. Caught much more water than needed & so easy to divert water away. Found the blue filter worked well (for leaves & twigs) so we wrapped 2 new chux cloths around the filter before putting into bucket. Amazing the amount of dirt that was caught.
    Also used a black rubber occy strap instead of the Velcro which did loose its grip with the weight of the hose attached to the bucket.
    All in all great product. Would recommend.

  5. Anthony Schott

    What a fantastic idea, I take my hat off to the person who designed it and I don’t do that often as I am bald. Not only does it catch the water for your tanks but it stops a lot of water gathering around under the awning, especially as we only use shade screens. At first I found the clips a bit hard to get on and needed my partner to help but I soon realized you can stretch the clips open a fair way and do it on your own quite easily. None of them broke. Will get back to you if and when it rains but the hosing of the awning proved it works, thanks FRC

  6. Ian Mooney

    Well I bought this in the hope mother nature will respond ha ha.
    Fantastic idea , I love the though of collecting what would otherwise go to waste.
    can’t wait to use it and delivery time was excellent

  7. Sandra

    Hasn’t rained so haven’t used it on site but delivered quickly and with all the necessary parts.

  8. Sue

    Fast delivery, very happy with the product, can’t wait to use it, fantastic idea, no more watching the rain go to waste

  9. Lynne

    Definitely need this if you are camping remotely. Good quality and came with bonus clips. Quick delivery also.

  10. Richard Campling

    What a great product. Remote camping and free water. No more pumping from a creek or dam, no more jerry cans, no more carting heavy water all over the country side, just hook it up and wait. Sometimes all you need is a heavy dew, you’ll be surprised how much water you get.
    Sit back and relax knowing mother nature is looking after you.

  11. Lorraine

    Products arrived in a timely manner and are as described on the web, I have not road tested them yet but keen to see good results.

  12. Jeanette

    Have just received items ,quality is good arrived right on the day they predicted.will add when I have used it.

  13. Ian J. McLaren

    Can be a little fiddley to attach, better to use more clips than less to get the required fall without the “roll” bellying. Weight of water in bucket & hose tends to be heavier than the Velcro tabs can hold resulting in the bucket falling to the ground. Catches plenty of water.

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