Quokka II Folding Fire Pit

Medium – $329
Large – $379


The Quokka II is here with a new stainless steel base and roll formed body panels for maximum strength and longevity

The Quokka folding Fire Pit from Travel Pits is great for camp oven cooking, frying up a steak or creating an ambient mood and keeping warm with friends and generally just a great camping fire pit.

Charcoal and BBQ fuel as well as fire wood can be used in the pits and they will not buckle or warp.

The grill has three adjustment levels making sure you have the right heat for your tucker. Also available are the stainless-steel rotisserie brackets making roasting chicken, lamb and pork easy and tasty.

The fire is elevated and confined and on enquiry may be used in some places where ground fires are not permitted. Use your Quokka Folding Fire Pit in your back yard and take them to your favourite picnic destination and on camping trips, cook up your roasts outside in summer and keep your house cool.

When you have finished cooking simply remove the grill, load some wood on top and stand around the fire and cook up some marshmallows with the kids.

The Quokka Folding Fire Pit and legs are made from 201 stainless steel (industrial grade) and the cooking grill and grill cradle are made from 304 stainless steel (food grade). The base plate is stainless steel and the internal fire grid is cast.

Once finished with simply fold it up slide it into the bag and store it. Once folded the fire pits are small enough to keep in your caravan, motorhome car boot and four-wheel drive. and weigh only M 9kg and  L 12.5kg.

Comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. The legs of the fire pit are anchored by clips on the stainless steel base plate for ensured sturdiness and portability.

The Quokka II has roll-formed pit panels, a new stronger and cleaner design a step ahead of the spot-welded panels on previous models.

Available in 2 sizes: Medium, Large

The Pack Includes:
1. Stainless Steel Grill Cradle
2. Stainless Steel Grill
3. Stainless Steel Fire Pit
4. Cast Iron Grid
5. Stainless Steel Base Plate
6. Canvas Carry Bag

Delivery: Next Day Despatch
Flat Rate $10 Aus Wide

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Medium – $329
Large – $379


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The Quokka Folding Fire Pit & BBQ has been one of the most popular items in the FRC Online Store for quite a while, and now this little beauty has been improved with some great new features making it even better.


Fires and Camping just go together. There are very few campers that don’t enjoy sitting by the fire at night and sharing a story or two under the stars, or sitting around the caravan at happy hour and having a few quiet ones.

Campfires Under The Stars & Happy Hour around the Fire

Then, there is outdoor cooking. Nothing beats being able to enjoy a damper that has been cooked on an open fire.

Camp Oven Damper

The problem is that there are more and more restrictions being placed on where we can and cannot have fires. In many cases, the fire must be contained and off the ground. Some of the fire pits provided at campground can be restrictive.   Some have limitations, whereby you might be able to use them as a fire pit, but not as a BBQ, or the other way round, where you can cook on them, but then not sit around the fire.

Good to cook on but not to sit around

We like the Quokka however as it is really a two in one solution. It is a fire pit and cooking appliance all in one.
The Quokka is set up as a folding fire pit, so it allows you to get your fire up off the ground, making it safe and permissible to use in a lot more locations.  Then, by simply adding on the adjustable stainless steel grill, it easily converts to a BBQ where you can boil the billy or cook up your dinner.

From a firepit it converts to a BBQ

The best part about the whole thing is that it can easily fold away to nothing, making it ideal to carry in the caravan or car when you are off camping.

Folds away easily 


The Quokka has recently undergone some improvements making it stronger and more durable.

The old black steel base of the Quokka has now been replaced with a solid stainless steel base adding to the longevity of the product.

New Stainless Steel Base Plate

The old spot welded panels are now rolled formed, which makes them even more stronger and durable.

Roll Formed Panels

The old steel fire grid is now replaced with a cast iron Grid

Iron Fire Grid

And there is a brand new stylish black canvas carry case to keep it all packed away nicely for when you travel.

Strong Canvas Carry Case

What we thought

The Quokka is very easy to put together, even without instructions.  It is an all in one unit, and the folding pieces just form themselves.  We liked the way that the legs clipped into the base which gave it stability.  The top grill fits on easily and we really liked the fact it had adjustable pegs on it.  There are three adjustments levels so you can alter the height of the grill to adjust how close it was to the heat or flames of the fire.

The two handles on the side came in really handy for when we wanted to move it around, especially while it was still hot, but the OzWit Gloves are ideal for this and save you getting burnt.   We were able to use it to cook on a frying pan, boil the kettle, but could also use our tripod on it for the camp oven.

The only slight drawback we found is that you obviously have to plan ahead and wait for it to cool down before you can pack it away, but apart from that we loved it.

You can watch the video below to see how easy it was to set up and how we used it to cook on.

Play Button Play Button

Specs & What you get

The Quokka II is a six piece pack comprising of the following;
1. Stainless Steel Grill Cradle
2. Stainless Steel Grill
3. Stainless Steel Fire Pit
4. Cast Iron Grid
5. Stainless Steel Base Plate
6. Canvas Carry Bag

There are two different sizes, Medium & Large with all dimensions shown in the diagrams below.

Whats in the Kit & Dimensions

The Quokka is made from 201 stainless steel (industrial grade) and the cooking grill is made from 304 stainless steel (food grade). The base plate and internal fire grid is mild steel. The legs of the fire pit are anchored by clips on the base plate to ensure sturdiness and portability.

10 reviews for Quokka II Folding Fire Pit

  1. Kirsty Hopkins

    Thank you SO much to the Full Range Camping team. Not only are the Quokka folding fire pits amazing (we love the medium because they are compact and quite light for the caravan)…but you went out of your way to get them to us just in time for Christmas. One of the lovely team rang me at work to say they were experiencing heavy delays and were the 2 Quokkas gifts? (1 for my dad & 1 my husband), he then made sure they were express couriered and they both arrived on Xmas eve. Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier :))) Kirsty

  2. Cheryl Torzillo

    Received the Quokka 11 very promptly. Very please with Fire pit but unfortunately the grill section had been damaged in transport. I emailed and attached photos to CFC and was contacted very quickly by a very nice man (sorry forgot his name) and assured that a new grill would be sent straight away. He apologised the the inconvenience . The parcel arrived 2 days later. Very happy with the service and quick response. Also the best price online.
    Thank you

  3. Gary Couchman

    After a little glitch with the Courier that was very quickly rectified by Full Range Camping our Quokka II folding fire pit has turned up. (Excellent service team)
    It is very easy to put together and looks like a brilliant piece of kit. Cannot wait to try it out on the weekend.

  4. Gayle Barns

    Delivery was fast. The Quokka is easy to set up and pack up. Love how light and compact it is for our van. We have only used it at home both as just a fire pit and also to cook on. We are very impressed and happy with it, we have also purchased the Folding charcoal/BBQ bead starter. This also works a treat. No mess, light, easy assembly and pack up – perfect camping buddy.

  5. Aileen Williams

    We have been travelling with a non collapsible fire pit which needless to say takes up valuable space.
    I was excited to find a collapsible fire pit, and when I received it I was impressed with how easy the assembly was and then how compact it will be to travel with.

  6. Neil Wallis

    Have just purchased my Quokka, very happy with the delivery as I was very quick. Have not had the chance to use it yet but I have assembled it and it was very easy. The quokka is extremely well made and looks like it will last for a long time . Looking forward to using it on our trips in the near future.

  7. John Nolan

    First saw the Quokka on the Free Range Camping Site. Thought it looked good at the time and decided to purchase the large size.
    So very glad I did, have just returned from a trip through the red centre and the Northern Territory.
    Assembling or refolding the Quokka is child’s play and is extremely easy to use as either, just the basic fire pit or, once again so simple to fit and use the griller attachment to either place a saucepan in which to cook a meal or, to bar-b-q a steak on,, also use the Quokka as the base heat source for the camp oven, all applications worked extremely well.
    With the inverted triangular shape, found the heat radiation was almost instantaneous after lighting, sparks and embers were somewhat contained when windy, also did not use anywhere near the same amount of firewood as when previously using the open campfires.
    Other bonuses are, should you need to move the Quokka once alight and hot, the two swing handles on the sides are cool enough to use even without protective gloves, also only a small amount of water is required to extinguish the fire when retiring for the night.
    Isn’t it great when things just work.

  8. Wendy williams

    Wonderful, great for a campfire and for cooking. We use a camp-oven over it with the grill down low as well and it cooks perfectly. Extremely happy with it and recommend

  9. Wayne Abrahams

    Found the unit very quick to assemble. Whilst travelling I have placed a piece of cardboard between the grill etc to stop the rattling. Found the medium was an excellent size for a fire to keep you warm etc.
    Very happy also with the effective delivery from free range camping.

  10. Robyn smyth

    Works a treat, small, compact, perfect for cooking or just to create an atmosphere, toasts marshmallows brilliantly! Its now packed ready for our next trip out to longreach – looking forward to our no fus no mess firepit under the stars. Thoroughly reccommend this item. We bought the medium size, its just right

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