Rain Saver Gutter Boxed Set Clips


FREE SHIPPING AUS WIDE – The Rain Saver Gutter Clip boxed set is suitable for caravans, RV’s and Motorhomes when you already have your collection device or you just want to divert water away from your annex or shade wall.

Available in 2 options
12 Clip Boxed Set – Suitable for 5 metre awnings
16 Clip Boxed Set – Suitable for larger caravans, RV’s & Motorhomes

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Australian Made
Invented in Brisbane, Made in Brisbane

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The Rain Saver Gutter is one of those products that was borne from necessity!

Have you ever sat under your awning watching the rain fall and pool around your flooring and wished there was a way you could catch all that water and store it in your tanks?

Michael, who is the inventor of the Rain Saver Gutter did exactly that when he was camping at Bruney Island Passage.  Not wanting to relocate just to get water, and sick of filling jerry cans and caring them back and forth, he thought long and hard about it all and came up with a novel idea on how to convert an existing awning, into a gutter that can collect rain water just as efficiently as any household guttering system.

We met Michael at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping show and saw his product in action.  He showed us how quick and easy it was to install, and gave a demonstration of how it collects rain water.

The video below shows how it all works.

1 review for Rain Saver Gutter Boxed Set Clips

  1. Bruce MICKLE

    Works a treat. The concept of this product is impressive. We didn’t get a lot of rain but what we did we captured. Will help keep us off the grid indefinately.

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