Reusable Cable Ties – Travel Pack


Reusable cable ties are a necessity for anyone travelling camping, gardening or repairing. Being a reusable cable tie there’s no need to purchase more every time you want to use one. Just keep them in a handy spot after use, and pull them out next time to reuse. Zipped Up reusable cable ties are great to:

* Hang lights, wrap cords and hoses.
* Hold down tarps and to tie off bags.
* Use in the garden, assisting seedlings, saplings, vines and vegetables.
* They assist the handy man being that extra hand to clamp, hold and hang.
* Great for camping to hold and hang belongings and lights.
* Hang clothes line under your caravan awning.
* This hand pack includes 100 pieces in total.
* 25 pcs x 200 mm x 5 mm
* 25 pcs x 250 mm x 7.2 mm
* 25 pcs x 350 mm x 7.4 mm
* 25 pcs x 450 mm x 7.4 mm

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$9.50 Flat Rate Australia Wide

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16 reviews for Reusable Cable Ties – Travel Pack

  1. Chris White

    Better than sliced bread. If you are at all environmentally conscious you will love these. I keep some in my car, in my van, my harley and even on my mountain bike now.

  2. Patrica

    Very handy always wanted something like this product

  3. Stephen Jackson

    You will wonder how you got by without these clever items. So versatile!

  4. Deb Turner

    Very handy for retying items, no need for cutting old ties and throwing away.
    The assortment of the lengths were very handy.

  5. Gay Noyes

    I had no idea that there was such a thing as reusable cable ties. I’m so pleased I saw your add for them. I used them as soon as they arrived.
    Your service was great and delivery was very quick. Thanks

  6. Kay

    These are so handy and easy to use. We ordered a second lot as we’ve found them useful for so many things at home and camping. The fact they are reusable is very handy. Always receive great service and prompt delivery from FRC. Thanks for all your help.

  7. Briany1

    Thank you for the reusable ties. The arrived ok and have used a number of the already. One of the plus’s of course is that there should be no more cut plastic ties around if everyone changed over to these. Well done guys for a well thought idea with plus uses.


  8. Terry Black

    How did we live without these incredibly simple ties?
    Every thing is now in its correct place looking neat and tidy
    So much easier to pack up and unpack on arrival
    Very happy with product and delivery time. Best of all the Mrs is off my back as she is able to undo everything with a minimal off fuss. Even the grand kids get into helping.
    Terry and the tribute happy
    Thank you

  9. John Burgess

    Best thing since sliced bread…. incredibly useful and a great price.. totally recommended product

  10. Stephen Chapman

    I have used these type of cable tie before and had been looking for them as I had misplaced or used all the ones I used to have.

    You find more uses for these, than you normally would for a cable tie.

  11. Chris Lye

    Started using mine as soon as they arrived for keeping my fishing rods in order. Was always having to cut the old ties off I would rate the reusable ties as 95% as strong as normal zip ties
    Also have used them on multiple items of camping

  12. John

    Although I haven’t had a chance for using these reusable cable ties, they look great and quality seems to be very good as well, just a brilliant idea.
    A must have for any camper or even around the house and in the car.
    Will save you a lot of money as well.;

  13. Belinda

    Excellent product, easy to use, can be used over and over.

  14. Micheal Shute

    Very handy ties as you dont have to cut thedm to undo, and easy to use.

  15. andrew clarke

    great for use camping, at home or anywhere. Have used them to hold pipe and cable while on the road and now the wife has taken some for her horse float to hold her yards together. All round great product as they can be used over and over, also saved money in the long run

  16. Robert Swann

    Great product. So useful when camping and being reusable they save a lot of money.

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