Westinghouse Generator iGen 2500


For heavier users with the need for more power.

* 2,500 Starting Watts / 2,200 Running Watts
* Lightweight and Easy to Carry 21.5 kg with Handle
* Ultra-Silent Running from only 51 dB(A)
* Up to 17 Hours Run Time with 4.3 Litre Fuel Tank
* Digital Inverter Technology – Safe for Electronics
* 98 cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Petrol Engine
* Compliant with Australian and US Emissions Standards
* 240 Volt AC and USB Fast Charge Outlets
* Plug and Play – Just Add Petrol, No Assembly Required
* 2-Year Domestic Use Warranty (conditions apply)

iGen2500 Spec Sheet

iGen2500 Comparison Chart

Spec Sheet

iGen2500 Spec Sheet

Comparison Chart

iGen2500 Comparison Chart

2 Year Domestic Use Warranty
(conditions apply)

Delivery: Next Day Despatch

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Below are just some of the features that are built into the Westinghouse range of generators.  Click on each feature to see more.

With their highest-in-class maximum power outputs, Westinghouse iGen digital inverter generators let you operate more of your electrical devices.

Long Running
Long-range fuel tanks coupled with high-efficiency engines and ECO throttle control deliver up to 24 hours run time depending on the iGen model.

The iGen series offers you easy manual starting first time, every time no matter whether the engine is hot or cold. Simply follow the instructions.

Westinghouse generators are designed for easy and safe use with yellow coloured touch points that guide you to the controls required for normal operation.

No need to look for a key or reach for the recoil starter, with selected models you can be up and running in seconds by one touch on the electric-start button.

Digital inverter technology delivers pure sine wave power that’s safe for all of your electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Easily carried by one person, the iGen 1200,22200 & 2500 each have an ergonomically designed handle Incorporated in the generators casing.

The iGen series is exclusively powered by Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV petrol engines incorporating the latest US EPA and Australian emission controls.

The iGen4500 is equipped with fixed and extendable handles and also Never-Flat wheels so you can move it about safely with minimal effort.

Built-in automatic safeguards reliably protect your investment against potential damage caused by low engine oil level or electrical system overload.

Advanced design of the engine and outer casing enables all iGen models to run ultra-silently from only 51 dB(A), which is barely audible.

All of the engine and electrical controls as well as the electrical outlets are clearly labelled and intuitively positioned.

ECO throttle control minimises fuel consumption by automatically adjusting engine speed to match the electrical power demand.

Everything you need to get started is conveniently provided in the box with your new generator. No assembly required. Just add petrol and enjoy!

If you want to service your own Generator but are not sure how, Westinghouse have made the process super easy by colour coding all the bits and pieces you need to touch. Their unique yellow coloured touch points guide you to the control and parts of the unit that you need to touch or use. It makes servicing a breeze.

How to Select Your Generator

Not sure what size Generator you will need???  Westinghouse have made that easy too with guide on how to work out the best size for your camping needs.  Simply follow the steps below…

1. Identify the devices you want to power simultaneously. Record the starting power and running power demands of each device in Watts.

2. Add up the running power of all devices. This total must be less than the generator’s rated running power output.

3. Identify the device with the highest starting power demand. Add this value to the running power demands of the other devices. This total must be less than the generator’s rated starting power output.

4. Select either a Professional or Utility Series generator for standalone plug and socket connection to portable electric devices. The RCD safety switch equipped PRO models offer you the best protection against electric shock as per Australian WH&S Regulations.

5. Or select a Utility Series generator if your application requires it to be connected to a fixed electrical installation by a licensed electrician. The RCD safety switch fitted to the PRO models will trip on load if connected to a multiple earthed neutral (MEN) electrical installation.

Working out Power Demands
To assist your further in working out the best generator for your needs, Westinghouse have provided a useful table that shows approximate wattage usage for most household appliances.  Although the table shows many items used around the house, many of these similar items are now used in caravans.  It should be remembered that the table is an approximate guide only as to the running and starting power demands of common devices. There are large variations in the performance of different makes and models of electrical devices and the manufacturer’s specifications are often inaccurate or misleading. High power, low duty cycle devices such as welders and plasma cutters are especially problematic in this regard.  It is recommended that the generator and powered devices be trialed to ensure that the combination performs to your satisfaction.

Download the Westinghouse watt estimator guide

For more detailed generator selection advice, refer to the consumer guides at westinghouseoutdoorpower.com.au

Warranty & Service

All Westinghouse generators are backed by a two year domestic warranty. Westinghouse also provide an Australia wide dealer network catering for maintenance, repairs, services and genuine spare parts. This is essential if using your generator whilst out camping or travelling around Australia.  Below you can download the full list of Service Agents.

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