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Awning Anchor Kit-Gen 2-Ground Dog Anchors


15 in stock (can be backordered)

Generation 2 Out Now

Developed by Outback Tracks in Australia. The auger shape and design of these bolts will anchor almost anything anywhere. From Tarps to Awnings an easy screw-in system that allows for easy insertion and removal of tent pegs. Each Ground Dog is now 250mm long (generation 1 was 200mm long), made from high-grade marine stainless steel.

2 Pegs come with the new Hook Collar, to attach the safety springs to for the awning
4 Pegs come with the wing collars, secure the awning plates to awning legs

*New Hook Collar*
– The new Hook Collar was designed to make it even easier to attach our new Safety Springs.
– It still has the ability to be used as a locking nut if the ground is so hard that you can’t drive the Ground Dog in all the way, if it’s binding no need to force the Ground Dog in any further, simply wind the Hook Collar down to ground level.
– Have a look at the bottom of the Hook Collar, we built in a 19mm socket for use in an emergency!

The pegs also have a thicker tip which allows for two self-drilling notches, the thread has been stopped 20mm below the head to allow the new Hook Collar Locking Nut to freely rotate making it even easier to attach the Safety Springs.

This kit also contains 2 x Tie Down Straps with adjustable ratchets and 2 x new rugged safety springs which eliminate bulky springs and still give the straps plenty of give when tying down awnings.

In addition, the kit contains 2 x Specially designed and cut aluminium plates designed to fit Dometic & Carefree awning arms. The plates fit perfectly into the base of the awning arm and help to anchor it down with the use of a Ground Dog bolt either side.  There is also 4 Awning Nylon Flexible RV & Caravan Awning Hooks to compliment the kit.

Pack Contents:
* 6 x Stainless Steel Ground Dogs Pegs
* 4 x Wing Collars
* 2 x Hook Collars

* 2 x Hi-Viz Tie Down Cam Buckle Straps
* 2 x Aluminium Anchor Plates
* 2 x Safety Springs (improved)
* 1 x 19mm socket with drill adapter
* 4 x Nylon Flexible RV & Caravan Awning Hooks

All in a convenient canvas zip bag.

Delivery: Next Day Despatch
$13.20 Flat Rate Australia Wide

Customer Reviews
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Watch the Ground Dogs Video
Click here to watch the video review

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15 in stock (can be backordered)

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Ground Dogs Review

Update: November 2020

Generation 2 of the Ground Dogs Pegs is now out.  New and improved with the below upgrades:
* Increased length to 250mm (previously 200m)
* New Hook Collar (replaces wing collar)
* 20mm clearance below the head (allows new hook collar to freely rotate)
* Thicker Tip with 2 self drilling notches

The Last Pegs You Ever Need – Now Even Better

One thing we have struggled with over the years is finding a tent peg for all occasions.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer a caravan, motorhome, tent or camper trailer, at one stage you will need to use a tent peg to pin something down.  Whether it’s for the tarp or to stabilise the awning, chances are, you will probably have struggled with the right tent peg for the job.  One that will cover all types of ground, from soft sand to ground as hard as concrete.

Many of ours have ended up bent from hammering, or slip out of the ground when you need them most, or end up rusting.  And, that is just trying to get them in, often times, getting a tent peg out of the ground is just as much of a challenge.

That is why we were so happy to have come across the Ground Dogs.   They are a simple and very effective screw-in tent peg that can be used to anchor anything almost anywhere.  And they are just as easy to get out of the ground as it is to put them in.  They also come with a complete tie down kit that will fit almost any caravan, motorhome or RV awning on the market.

Watch our Demo on how easy it is to set up your awning with the Ground Dogs Awning Kits

Play Button Play Button

The Ground Dogs were developed by avid Aussie camper, Paul Pont.  While helping a friend take down a caravan annex that had been in place for 3 months, Paul became frustrated by how long it took him to get the old rusted tent pegs out of the ground.  It took him so long because they were rusted into the ground and then bent coming out to the point they could not be used again.  Thinking there must be a better way, Paul searched for an alternative to hammer in pegs.

Having tried a range of other screw in pegs I realised that none of them were durable enough or suited to a wide enough range of ground types. They would either wear out, strip the thread, snap the heads off, not penetrate the ground or pulled out too easily.  I started playing around with my own designs and realised the only way was to make a quality peg from quality materials

This is when he came up with Ground Dogs.  A purpose built tent peg for all occasions. It is a very simple design, and the concept is not new.  Essentially it is a very large stainless steel screw-in bolt that is just the right size, length, and shape that will drill in and out of almost any ground surface.

Features of the Ground Dogs

High-Grade Stainless Steel

The Ground Dogs are made from a high-quality marine grade stainless steel material ensuring they will not rust after a few uses in the ground.  They will not bend and are easy to get in and out.

Made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel

250mm Long

Generation 1 of the pegs were 200mm long.  Generation 2 of the pegs is now 250mm long.  The Ground Dogs are just the right length to suit all types of ground and means you don’t need different length bolts for different applications.  = Less to Carry

250mm Long Shaft

19mm Head

The 19mm head on each of the Ground Dogs means you can use the same socket fitting to get them in and out.  In most cases, that is the same fitting required for adjustable stabilisers on caravan legs.

19mm Head  & 19mm Socket


Ground Dogs are tapered and have a special shape thread cut into the shaft, the fluting is wider and longer so they drill in and hold firmly in a wide range of soils.  They will hold fast and not pull out during strong and constant winds.  The thread is stopped 20mm from the head, to allow the new Hook Collar to move freely to place ropes or springs to it.

Wider & Longer Fluting on Thread

Adjustable Hook Collar Locking Nut

Generation 2 of the Ground Dogs introduces the new Hook Collar.  This new collar allows the safety spring, or your preferred rope or spring to attach to it securely.  This means if you can only get half the bolt into the ground, simply winding down the hook collar will make it just as effective, and means you don’t have to have the bolt all the way in. (Note: In the Awning Anchor Kit, 4 of Generation 1 wing collars are included, to secure the awning plates to the legs of awnings).

The adjustable Hook Collar

Self Drilling Notches & 20mm Thread Clearance

As mentioned previously, Generation 2 now has a new thicker tip with 2 self drilling notches, making it easier the the peg to grip whilst drilling into the ground.  The Generation 2 peg now has a 20mm clearance from the head to the start of the thread, to allow free movement of the hook collar to rotate around the peg.  This makes it easer to position the hook collar for the safety springs (or spring/rope of your choice)

Self Drilling Notches & 20mm Head Clearance


Yep, there is always someone with a better idea or way of doing things, and during development of the Ground Dog, many of the alternatives were tried and tested.

Ground Dogs -vs- Tent Pegs

The traditional hammer-in tent pegs have been around forever and will work in quite a lot of cases, but let’s face it, it can be hard work to hammer them in, and in some cases even harder to get them back out.  You also need a different size peg for different applications, meaning you need to carry around a whole lot more pegs.  Many of us end up with a collection of bent pieces of steel.   If the ground is extremely hard, you will be hard pressed to even get them in at all.  Watch the video below to see Paul & Judd in the Tent Peg Challenge.  Filmed at a recent Caravan show, the boys show how hard it is to hammer in a traditional tent peg in comparison to the Ground Dogs.

Play Button Play Button

The Tent Peg Challenge

Ground Dog -vs- The Batten Screws

Batten Screws or even Coach Bolts are great, but they are designed for Wood.  The shaft is smaller in diameter and not tapered.  The threads are very narrow and although they come in varying lengths, they are just not quite long enough to get enough traction in the soil.  Yes, they will work some of the time in some types of ground.  Typical they are better in harder ground, but if the ground is too soft they will pull straight out.  Even if they held originally, after a bit of rain and the ground becoming softer they will more than likely lose their grip.  Also after a few uses, the thread was found to start wearing and they started to rust over time, meaning they have to be replaced constantly.

The Ground Dogs are designed for soil unlike Batten or Coach Screws

Ground Dog -vs- Plastic Screws

The plastic bolts work similar to the Ground Dogs, but after a few uses, the head will start to wear the point where they became unusable.  The thread is not as deeply cut, so this reduces their holding effect.   Depending on the hardness of the ground, on many occasions, they would just snap.

The Ground Dogs -vs- Plastic Bolts

Tried & Tested

An awning blowing in the wind can place extreme forces on the hold-down point, so you want something you know will hold to avoid awning damage.  The Ground Dogs have been tried and tested by Paul and also some extreme campers over the last 12 months.  There are also many other happy users who have purchased the Ground Dogs, here is what some of them had to say.

We bought the caravan awning anchor kit at our local market in Strathalbyn SA. I must admit I wasn’t sure how the Ground Dogs were going to work. We are heading to Uluru for two weeks so thought we better take the van for a trial run; and what a perfect time to roll out the awning and test these guys out. WOW I’m amazed at how well they work! So easy to put in the ground and remove, and the strength of the ground dog is crazy. I’m totally onboard and will be showing and telling everyone. 10/10

Matt Crist – South Australia

These are the bee’s knees. As a newbie, the awning anchor kit saved my bacon by holding down the awning of a rented camper during a huge storm at Dungog – could have been and expensive lesson for me. Thanks, fantastic product.

Rob Kerr – Sydney

Paul was also telling us about a recent show they went to,

 We were at the Toowoomba caravan show and got hit by a massive storm, the winds were up to 170km per hour and our gazebo stayed pinnied down.  In fact, the gazebo actually bent and the pegs still didn’t let go.  There were tents either side of us with 20kg weights on their legs and they just went flying.

20kg Weights -vs- Ground Dogs 

Tie Down System

Tie Down Straps

The Ground Dogs can be used independently as an anchor point for any camping application that requires something to be tied down.   However, many campers with caravans or motorhomes will use them with awnings.  To assist with the easy setup of using the Ground Dogs with awnings, Paul has designed a simple and effective tie-down system that compliments the Ground Dogs and is very easy to fit.

The Ground Dogs Tie Down System

The Tie-Down straps will suit most awnings on the market and can be used with the arms either pined back onto the body of the van or for those that prefer the arms pinned vertically to the ground, there is also a special anchor plate that will slot straight into the bottom of the awning arm.

The tie-down straps can be fitted to the included Safety Springs that come with the straps.   It is highly recommended that any tie down system used for awnings has some form of giving in it to allow some movement to avoid damage to the awning mechanism.   The Ground Dogs system safety springs achieve this as they are made from hard wearing High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  This means they will not perish and are very durable which will allow for adequate movement to your awning. It will eliminate the use of large springs which are bulky and can rust over time. Each strap also uses a ratchet system built in which makes for easy adjustment and tension.

The Tie Down Straps with Safety Springs & Ratchet

Awning Leg Anchor Plate

The full awning kit contains two specially designed plates that will fit most Dometic and Carefree awnings. It effectively acts as a clamp that will fit into the base of the awning arm. Also, it will hold it securely in place.   Generation 1 of the Ground Dog pegs with the wing collar is then used on either side to hold it firmly on the ground.  You can then attach the straps as shown above for added security.

The awning anchor plate secures awning arms vertically

WARNING:  While tying down of awnings in any conditions is highly recommended, this should just be as a precautionary measure.  It is highly advisable that in all cases where strong excessive winds prevail awnings should be wound in.

What We Thought

Very impressed.  Up until the Ground Dogs, we have just been using standard straight shaft tent pegs that we hammer in.  In most cases, they have been ok, but we have certainly gone through a few tent pegs.  The almost always bend and you can’t use them again.  Most become rusty only after a few uses.  We also found we had to carry lots of them in various sizes. This is to suit all types of ground that we were on.

With the Ground Dogs, we found they were just so versatile for all conditions. They lasted without going blunt or rusty.  They were easy to use and held much better than the straight shaft pegs.

Another great benefit we found was getting the pegs out of the ground.  Previously, I had to get another tent peg or claw hammer out to try and pry out stubborn pegs. But found it easy with the Ground Dogs just to put the drill in reverse and out they come.

Tip 1. If in Extremely hard ground, Unlike all other pegs, Ground Dogs do not need to be force all the way in for them to work, drill it in when it stops its binding, its doing it’s job simply turn the locking nut & lock down to the ground level to anchor your Awning or gazebo!

Tip 2. Sometimes the ground can be like solid rock, don’t worry here is an easy solution.  Make sure you carry a 12mm masonry drill bit, simply pre-drill the hole! Our Ground Dogs have a tapered shaft so even if you where in solid rock they will still lock in.

Notice something? The Ground Dogs have been made with security in mind, a left-hand thread!

52 reviews for Awning Anchor Kit-Gen 2-Ground Dog Anchors

  1. Vic

    Brought them specifically for the caravan awning and they have not disappointed. I would recommend this product to all.

  2. David Cazzy

    What a great product , makes life so much easier when it comes to pegging down anything , highly recommend this products any the company is great to deal with , awesome communication and prompt , you can’t go wrong with these guys

  3. John Lemmon

    It’s a great little handy kit everyone should have one ! It’s so easy too use and a real time saver. I must say thank you for such a fast response on the delivery time it came with in days of purchase ? I like that it all fits into its own bag with room to move , you don’t have to go jamming the items into the bag 💼. Again thank you for that timely delivery.

  4. Eve

    My husband keeps opening the bag and raving about how much our (his) setup is going to be on our upcoming camping trip in early March. He’s so overexcited!

  5. Mark Harpley

    The kit was bought for the obvious reasons and performs exactly as I expected. It seems strong and easily adapted to what I need.

  6. Brad

    Order my kit over the Christmas period and was extremely happy with how quick the where delivered. Have put them to good use already and I’m impressed with the quality and ease of use as well as the confidence I have in my awning when the winds pick up…. best desicion I’ve made so far. Happy camping.

  7. Chris

    I purchases the Ground Dog Awning kit & 10 extra actors for our caravan as one of the places we camp at regularly has really hard ground. The Ground Dogs drive straight in first time.e with ease, previously we would always bend numerous pegs, will be telling friends to invest in Ground Dogs.

  8. Phil Bates

    Excellent product 10 out of 10,Excellent service,would recommend the team at Full Range Camping to anybody. Well done.

  9. Dean Ritossa

    Purchased a set of dogs early this year prior to our qld holiday. Whilst on Bribie Island we weathered a number of high wind storms. Our caravan awning remained secure when others had to retract theirs. Being a sand island normal pegs were unable to handle the strain. Have just received another set I can throw away all the rusty under performing straight pegs. Anyone want the old pegs, going free.

  10. Mike Rooney

    Fantastic customer service over the phone prior to purchase. Fast delivery…. Looking forward to giving the Dogs a good workout up North in WA.

  11. rustynuts

    I have been looking for quite some time for these awning anchors having seen them on YouTube. Even went to a caravan show to buy them, but alas not found. Overjoyed to find them on the Full Range Camping site.
    I received the kit very quickly and very pleased with the quality. Best part is they are very solid and fit the 19mm socket I use around the van. Now I have everything I need in one place and can discard a lot of pegs and ropes lessening the weight I am carrying.
    A big WELL DONE Full Range Camping for having this product available on your site.

  12. John Moody

    Excellent product, makes a sometimes painful job so much easier. A quality item, priced well and a bonus having it all in its own bag.

  13. Mark Norman

    We have just started our trip with the Ground dogs, have just used them on some very had ground at Big horse creek camp ground NT, went in very well very impressed!

  14. Russell Murphy

    I looked long & hard for awning tie downs & stumbled on these. So glad I did. Buy quality first time & make your life easier! It’s always a bonus that an Aussie invented them to make other Aussies life easier! Love that! 🙂

  15. Stephen Green

    Really pleased with the Awning Kit. The quality of the components looks excellent and ideally first for purpose. I had thought maybe a bit pricey but when tit arrived I was well surprised by the entire package.
    This will change one of the nuisance type jobs when setting up and packing up into one of the easiest while making the awning more secure.
    Very pleased. 🙂

  16. Mark Gillam

    These Groundog pegs are great, I put them in and get them out in seconds, easy as. they are so good I have just bought my son the awning package. So forget the price, they are worth every cent, you wont regret it.

  17. Gary Priestly

    Outstanding customer service, prompt delivery, quality products what else needs to be said.

  18. Larry Foden

    Ordered product while on the road and was at home when we arrived. Very sound product and takes the hassle out of bending pegs and trying to get them out of the ground . Thoroughly recommend ground dogs instead of pegs .

  19. John Kelly

    Great product used recently very high winds awning out all night good nights sleep not up checking as usual would recommend
    John Kelly

  20. Rodney Widgery

    Fantastic product easy to use a hell of lot quicker than belting pegs in

  21. Stu and Di

    Haven’t got one yet? Do yourself a favour and get the kit. Used them without instruction- too easy! A battery drill, the included 19mm socket – Bob’s ya auntie!

  22. Mick Falk

    Haven’t used the products yet because of certain COVID restrictions.
    But I can say is that the purchase and timely delivery has been outstanding.
    I will be using these anchors and accessories this weekend and by the looks and feel of the products I believe I won’t be disappointed

  23. Karen

    Excellent product have used and had a very windy couple of days in Tassie and it did exactly what we wanted it to do. Stay pegged down. Easy to use and does away with heaps of other bits and pieces.

  24. Jim Jackway

    Hi Gang, Have several Ground Dog anchor kits now. They are the bees knees. Ordering was easy and delivery was very quick. Love the fact that the drill does the hard work Thanks and cheers Jim j😀

  25. Donna Bromley

    Great Product, easy to use, my hubby is very happy with them. Recommend

  26. Peter

    Great concept
    Great quality
    Fast delivery next day to Melbourne
    Very easy and quick to secure caravan awning
    Consider it great investment

  27. Mark Jones

    Received the Ground Dog kit and immediately and put up the awning to try it out and to get my head around how everything worked.

    Cordless lithium battery wench and five minutes later all up. So easy!

    Had a southerly blow up (50 to 60 Klm H winds), not a problem. Will love this product as a we our full lap of Australia.

    Mark J.

  28. Lee Morgan

    I bought the Awning Anchor Kit after being kept awake by the rattling of the awning during a particularly windy night. The awning had been well pegged down with reputable screw in pegs, compression springs and tie down clips but the rafter arms still rattled against the roller. This kit has completely solved the problem. The pegs screw in quickly, are very strong and setting up is quicker and easier. The high vis tie downs with the safety springs and the aluminium leg plates provide a very secure and stable structure. In my opinion, particularly if you use an awning with the legs out, this kit is not an option it is a must have.

  29. Bryan Martin

    Now living in our new motorhome, we purchased a selection of products, including these Gen 2, Ground Dog Awning Anchor kit… Wow… they are great! We had camped in this area before where gravel was under the parking area and couldn’t get a regular peg into the ground, without be bending it in the attempt. Once the delivery arrived, I drilled these Ground Dog pegs straight in, without a problem. I might have to buy more. The Kit is awesome… definitely a “must have” item.

  30. Ralf

    We used the awning tie down kit on the weekend and I was surprised how easy and quick they were to use. In a couple of minutes we were set up, sitting back and enjoying a beer. Great product.

  31. Bruce MICKLE

    What an excellent peg. We were very pleased with our 1st use. Just need to make sure the battery on my drill is fully charged. Will definately get a few more

  32. Les Nagy

    I bought the Awning Anchor Kit – Gen 2, inside the kit was more than I expected, the quality of the goods were exceptional. Will not have to take extra tent pegs and tie down ropes. Used the cordless drill and no effort required, done and dusted in no time. I tested out a ratchet socket adapter for the screws in case there was no battery power in the cordless drill, bit more effort but better than hammering in pegs.
    Worth the cost.

  33. Pete Anderton

    i bought these screw pegs and tie downs,what a great investment,no more hammering in pegs and ending up with bent pegs as i have a crook back these made life so easy and well worth the price. delivery was within 4 days very very prompt FRC you won me cheers keep up the good work

  34. Lindy Ellis

    Bought a pack for hubby for early father’s day & arrived within a few days…we both found the pack to be a great product. Easy to use and actually works as advertised!! A simple but damn brilliant concept!!! Hats off to whoever came up with the idea. IT’S WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!

  35. Owen

    Bought the awning tie down kit and happy to say that it lives up to the advertising. Good quality materials that all work together. Pegs screw in quickly and easily. Very happy with the security of awning once tied down. East coast low coming this weekend. Will get a good testing.

  36. Bruce Rawlings

    Great idea. So easy to use. I have trouble using a hammer. No longer a problem. Battery drill All that is needed. Highly reccomend. I also had trouble with the delivery as there was an issud with the delivery address. Full Range Camping went out of their way to make the delivery happen to the correct address. I certainly reccomend them as a company to do business with.

  37. John

    Although I haven’t had a chance for using these Ground Dogs , they look great and quality seems to be very good as well, just a brilliant idea.
    Brilliant idea for all those rock hard ground surfaces, will be so easy next time.

  38. Tony

    Fantastic product, both functionally and build quality. More so, the communication dealing with Full Range Camping was up with the best. Unfortunately there was a lengthy delay with supply from the overseas supplier due to COVID but the ongoing communication to keep me up to date was nothing short of excellent!!

  39. Ross Clark

    Great product so easy to use although they were out of stock when I ordered Glen kept me informed as to expected availability and when stock arrived I received them within a couple of days customer service second to none thanks ground dogs Ross

  40. Steve

    An excellent and innovative product that has taken the hard and tiresome work out of camp setup and disassemble. It is a compact product, self contained in its own carry bag which makes it easy to stow away and convenient to use. We have no problem in highly recommending the Ground Dogs to all caravan nerds and campers. What a great name for a great product.

  41. John Burdinat

    I bought these to try after getting rave reviews from my fellow caravan club members. I bought the kit as well as an additional 10 anchors for the other add-ons we often put up such as the Kitchen extension, gazebo and the fly to protect the fridge from the sun.
    They are very well made, strong and very suitable for the task, so I am looking forward to the day when I can use them in anger and show off to my fellow caravaners.

  42. John Burdinat

    I bought these to try after getting rave reviews from my fellow caravan club members. I bought the kit as well as an additional 10 anchors for the other add-ons we often put up such as the Kitchen extension, gazebo and the fly to protect the fridge from the sun.
    So far I have not had the chance to use them due to Covid 19 restrictions but they are very well made, strong and very suitable for the task, so I am looking forward to the day when I can use them in anger and show off to my fellow caravaners.

  43. Tony Howell

    These pegs are fantastic. At long last no more banging in pegs. The wife is extremely happy. Loves them in fact.

  44. Peter and Coral

    The ground dog anchors themselves are of good quality and easy to use.
    The rubber shock absorbers not so good. The both snapped in half within the first 2 days of use. The wind averaged around 24kmh during this time so that may have caused the failure.
    I would recommend this product even though the rubbers fail. I will be purchasing another full set.

  45. Margaret Ledner

    We were having problems getting our tent pegs in the ground due to the drought. The ground was like concrete. We purchased the ground dog anchor kit on line while we were away with the caravan and they sent them to Mt Isa PO where we picked them up. We have been using them since and they have made a huge difference. Quick and easy to use.

  46. Kevin Brady

    Good solid gear that’s built to last, had a look at others and decided on ground dogs, bought the Awning Anchor Kit and it makes it so quick and easy that we purchased a couple more pegs we found at a camping and caravan expo. Also quick delivery

  47. Malcolm Heywood

    Easy to use, strong, just spent two weeks in Adelaide during rain and strong winds, did not look like letting go, everybody else had their awnings rolled up, mine stayed out. Others are made but are not stainless steel, will last a lifetime, highly recommend.

  48. Jo & Wayne

    With the ground being dry and hard, we have the Ground Dogs to be amazing to use where other brands were a real problem plus with the strong winds they have held strong. With the same socket size as the stabilizer legs on the caravan we use the cordless drill to insert and remove the Ground Dogs. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!

  49. Wayne

    The ground dogs are amazing. Easy to use and easy seen in the ground. Now both my wife and I can get the pegs in without problems.

  50. Eric Hertsch

    I have received the Ground dogs, unfortunately have not used them yet,, that will be at the end of the month. Everything in the Awning kit appears to be very good quality. I will be using a 1/2 inch impact gun after watching the Maryborough video i think i will have to be careful in very hard ground not to shear them. I am expecting the pegs to be a good thing, i will still have to carry sand pegs i dont think they will work in soft sand. I have always left the awning legs attached to the van but with these pegs i will be standing the legs. Looking forward to the first use. No point testing them at home, we live on sand.

  51. eugenekochnieff

    A very solid set, built to last. As camper trailer campers these are perfect for very securely anchoring our annex and window shades.

    Please make a larger set available for campers, 10-12 screws per set.

    We’d probably buy enough to peg everything down.

    Peace of mind when leaving the camp for the day knowing it will all be still in place if the wind picks up.

  52. Rod

    The Ground Dog Anchors are good and easy to use.

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