Your Wellness Guide To Outback Queensland

Your Wellness Guide To Outback Queensland

Being on the road, travelling and exploring new places is therapy in itself.  But doing it in outback Queensland can add to it all with a range of new and unique experiences.  This article by Outback Queensland Tourism covers a few things you may wish to know to help keep you energised and revitalised as you explore the outback.  

What do mineralised mud baths, tough triathlons, and scenic sunsets have in common?

They all increase the endorphin levels, whether it be from relaxation, exercise, or beauty – not to mention you can find them all in Outback Queensland.

Pack your yoga mat and your meditation music, here’s your wellness guide to Outback Queensland.

Bath Outside

Artesian Mud Baths

For a bath you won’t forget, slide into an outdoor tub at the Artesian Mud Baths in Eulo.

Relax as you soak in ancient artesian clay and mud rich in rejuvenating minerals including silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.

There’s even a sunset session where you can watch the rays sink over the horizon from the comforts of your tub.

After an hour and a half in the fresh air with a glass of wine and plate of nibbles – you’ll never want to bath inside again.

Treat Yourself To A Pool With A Difference

A Relaxing Experience

A day at the local swimming pool will never be the same after a trip to the Great Artesian Spa in Mitchell.

Resembling a resort, two spa pools (one heated, one cool) filled with water from the Great Artesian Basin offer a revitalising experience.

Dip into these waters and soak up the thermal mineralised water. Not only great for the muscles but also relaxing for the mind and soul.

Discover more ways to make the most of nature in Mitchell with this guide.

Toughen Up

Junior Triathlon

While some take wellness as rest and rejuvenation, some take it as living their best (active) life – and what better way to get the limbs burning that at the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival in its namesake, Julia Creek?

Every July the small town swells from 300 to 3,000 over one weekend of jam-packed action. Testing the toughest of the tough, the festival includes a triathlon with an 800m swim, 25km ride and 5km run. There’s also a junior triathlon. You can start them as young as four with a short dip, bike ride, and sprint.

At night, check out Australia’s Best Butt competition for some tush-dancing that’s sure to get the glute muscles working.

Not one for dancing? Sit back and watch the show – if that doesn’t make you feel better, we don’t know what will.

Be One With Nature

Serene Outback Oasis

If the only thing that comes to mind when you think of Outback Queensland is ‘red dirt’, then pack your yoga mat and go west.

After staring at a computer screen all week, there’s nothing better than upping your ion count by diving deep into the outback greens.

Think outback oasis, with emerald waters contrasting with deep red sandstone structures that form unforgettable natural gorges.

Find your paradise at Adels Grove, in the north west pocket above Mount Isa, or delve into the eerie silence of Cobbold Gorge.

Watch The Sun Set

Just as the saying goes, “every sunset is an opportunity to reset” – so make sure you catch at least one each day.

Anyone who has experienced an outback sunset will tell you. There’s just something about those candy-coloured hues swirling across the sky that make for a spectacular dusk day after day.

Perhaps it’s the reflection on the red dirt that gets the jaw dropping. It could also be the way the sun’s rays dance through the clouds that take one’s breath away.

See it for yourself with this list of epic Outback Queensland sunset spots.

Eat Well

Healthy Snacks

They don’t call it outback hospitality for nothing – and you’ll be treated to a great feast everywhere you go.

Whether it be fine dining, meat and three vege, or a healthy sanga, these spots are sure to satisfy those tummy rumbles.

The Tasting Co in Roma ticks the Insta-worthy, great tasting and good-for-you boxes. It has house-made granola, smoothies, and fruit platters putting a yay into health-yay.

For more delicious dishes, check out this foodie guide.

Get A Different Point Of View

For a different view on life, leave your worries on the ground and take an aerial flight to see the Outback from greater heights.

Not sure where to start? Check out this and this list of spectacular Outback Queensland lookouts to give you a new perspective.

Make New Friends

Shy Little Bilby

Like Superman, animals have their own special power – making us happier humans.

Escape the concrete jungle for a therapeutic session with the native wildlife of the outback.

After all, there’s nothing like cosying up to an adorable endangered bilby to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Original Article & Photos by Outback Queensland

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