WOW – Wood on Wheels

WOW – Wood on Wheels

WOW is what most people say when they see Howard’s custom made, timber teardrop camper.  And exactly what we said when we saw it at the Nambour Caravan & Camping Expo recently.  The acronym, in this case actually means Wood On Wheels, which is exactly what this beaut Teardrop camper is.

Deriving their name from their teardrop shape, these campers were popular in the 1930’s until the 60’s and have now made a resurgence.  Originally built from one sheet of ply, WOW creator Howard Campbell, has used his 20 years woodworking experience, and his motto “Against The Grain”  to come up with his own unique design to these timeless campers.

The WOW Tear-Drop Camper

At his workshop in Caloundra, where he usually turns out amazing custom build Saunas & Spas out of Western Red Cedar, Howard designed his first WOW Camper trailer after three long years of research, trial and error.

Spa and Sauna

He was able to use some of the same techniques he applied to his spas to give strength to the trailers, allowing for them to be built without a frame, but yet remain strong and reliable.   Also, the fact they are made from Western Red Cedar ensures they are lightweight, but also harnesses the natural waterproofing qualities of this amazing timber.

Strong Tongue n Grove joinery

So, if you are looking for something very unique, that looks stunning and yet is fully functional, the WOW campers are definitely worth considering.

Teardrop campers were traditionally designed with a mattress for two people, and a small kitchenette at the rear.  And, WOW campers are no exception.

The inside is roomy and fits a double mattress, (which Michelle couldn’t resist trying out).  She is quite tall and managed to fit in with no worries.

Michelle stretches out in the Camper

There is room for storage and even a TV.  The security screen allows you to leave the door open for those warm nights, and there is plenty of head room.

Security Screen

Outside, the rear hatch lifts to reveal a small kitchenette, including room for a portable cooker, food, fridge and even the kitchen sink.

Even includes the Kitchen Sink

Each trailer is individual hand built and custom designed to suit the individual’s needs and can be made in about 6 to 8 weeks.   You can have all the mod cons and as many inclusions as you would like, including solar, water tanks, inverter, increased suspension or anything else to make your trip more comfortable, or for those on a budget, WOW can streamline them to fit in just the basics.

Curved timber wheel gaurds

Being only small, and only 550kg, means they are ideal for all types of camping and will access most areas you dare to go.  You can tow them with a standard car, or if more adventurous, use your 4WD to take them off road.  Howard tells us, he has had them on some rough 4WD tracks and said the design handled the conditions well.

Teardrop campers are ideal for weekend escapes or short term camping tips, but we have also seen some people doing the big lap with them.

Howard is located at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and welcomes anyone that would like to have a look at one of his campers to give him a call, or you can find out more information about them via his website.


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