Water Tank Rescue – Remove Bad Smells & Taste from Caravan Water Tanks

Water Tank Rescue – Remove Bad Smells & Taste from Caravan Water Tanks

We all know how important good clean fresh water can be whilst camping. Whether it is in the caravan or motorhome water tanks, or just tanks and containers we carry while camping.

The smell and taste of your water can be affected by many things including;-

  • Water left in tanks in the hot sun
  • Using a garden hose to fill tanks
  • Utilising inferior grade water hoses to fill tanks
  • Filling tanks with brackish or bore water
  • Leaving water in tanks for prolonged period of times
  • Accidentally getting fuel or other contaminants in the tanks

We often get asked if there is anything that can be done about removing taste and smell from water tanks, and how to rejuvenate tanks, so we recently spoke to Jacquie from Bio Magic and as usual, she has come up with the solution.

The BioMagic Water Tank Rescue Kit

BioMagic has put together a special kit, especially to remove smells and taste from water tanks in caravans, motorhomes, or general water holding tanks. And best of all, it is an all-natural solution so you can rest assured you will not be affected by any nasty chemicals.   The treatment below is a general guide to treat for smells, taste or oily films.

The BioMagic Water Rescue Kit

How to Treat Water Tanks for Taste & Smell

1. Empty the tank or tanks of all water. Turn off any hot water heater and only run it through cold.

2. Add 1/2 tsp of NuKlean Unperfumed, or plain dishwashing liquid and fill your tank, run a couple of litres out of each tap, refill the tank and let it sit for 12 to 24 hours. Drain by running all the taps and then drop the rest.

3. Add BioSuper500 and fill tank again, run a bit out of taps again and refill the tank, let it soak for at least 4 to 8 hours then drain by running the taps and drop the rest. Refill to approximately half full and drain again to get rid of any NuKlean and BioMagic super.

4. Add WaterPure Tank Sanitiser (1 x 125 ml bottle treats up to 200L) of capacity to a bucket of water. Pour this into the tank and fill the tank wtih fresh water.

5. Run 1 to 2 litres of water out of all taps and showers connected to the tank to put some treated water in the lines. Top up the tank and leave to soak at least 12 to 24hours

6. Drain it by running half the tank out through the taps and then drain the rest out.

7. Now add 2ml of WaterPure per 10L of capacity and fill with fresh water. (1ml per 10L if you filter it through carbon on the way in).

How it all works

NuKlean  – is a natural cleaning solution that breaks down any residue of impurities or diesel and puts it into solution in the water.  Note: the NuKlean recommended as part of this Rescue Kit is not the standard NuKlean as sold by BioMagic.  This bottle is un-perfumed to avoid further smells in tanks.

125ml NuKlean

BioMagic Super500 – will then remove smell and taste while digesting the residue. Rinsing well after the first soak will allow you to get a good result.  Note: The BioMagic Super 500 is a separate product to the standards BioMagic products and once again is un-perfumed to ensure no further smells in the tank.

125ml BioMagic Super 500

WaterPure – is a drinking water sanitiser that really works without leaving no chemicals in the water and yet the water can be stored for up to a year with no chance of contamination developing. It will also leave the water soft and fresh.

125ml WaterPure Tank Sanitiser
A Note on Water Hoses

There are many different types of hose out there but an Australian standards hose is the best and it is important to check it yourself.  You can check the codes on the side of the hose to see where it is made.  It should clearly state where the hose was made, and what its main purpose is.

Check the codes on the side of your hose

To test your hose, first take a big sniff of the inside of the hose prior to purchase.  If possible or before you fill with it just hook it up to a tap, keep the far end up above the tap and let the water sit for 12-24 hours in the hose, then pour a glass full into a cup or china cup.  Smell and taste it to check it. Any smell or taste do not use it, it will transfer that taste to your tank and plumbing and it’s a fine oil or solvent that causes it, so it will line all the pipes and tank.

Even if you have a good hose, but have not used your hose for a while, you should run some water through it before connecting it to the van again. Age can be an issue too as most hoses will have a 4 to 5 year shelf life which can vary according to the amount of  use , or even lack of use. If in doubt just check.

Sometimes a hose, even a good one, can go over its use by date can start to break town, leaking toxins into the water.  The taste is usually caused by Toluene and other petrochemical solvents used to make the hose and itis toxic.  In the old days when hoses were made from Rubber it was not such a problem but these days they are made from different products and solvents to keep them flexible which is desirable but comes with its own problems.

Ensure you select a good quality drinking water hose

The Rescue Kit

BioMagic has put together a kit with all you need to treat your tanks.   The full kit is available in the Free Range Camping shop, with further discounts of 20% off applying to our Premium Club Members.  The kit contains all three bottles of product you will need to undertake the process above.  Using existing BioMagic products is not recommended as the standard NuKlean & BioMagic products are perfumed.

As usual, if you need more information or have special circumstances you need advice on, Jacquie from BioMagic is only too happy to help with further information. You can call her direct on 1800 888 205 with any questions.


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