tracTAG Review – For Everything You Can’t Afford To Lose…

tracTAG Review – For Everything You Can’t Afford To Lose…

In our last 3 years of travelling around Australia, we have managed to lose a good camera, my wife has misplaced her phone and I lost a set of car keys.

The good thing about her losing her phone was that we actually got to talk to her for a few days, the bad things was the cost of replacing it.   We were unable to ring it as it went flat, and if someone did recharge it, it was locked with a pin number.  Lucky for us, we found it only by chance.

tracTAG can be used on anything you don’t want to lose

The trouble with losing the camera was that it was full of images of our trip that we were unable to ever replace.  I am sure someone found it with all good intentions of returning it, but wouldn’t know how because we didn’t have it labeled.

So, what is the solution?

Well, we recently met Maree on the Sunshine Coast, and got talking to her about tracTAG.

Maree explains how she came up with the idea for tracTAG

Losing her precious camera whilst diving, and knowing that if anyone did find it, it was unlikely they would know she was the owner, got Maree looking for an effective and robust way to look after the gear you value most. Drawing inspiration from the great sea turtles and their natural homing abilities, Maree created the concept of tracTAG.


It is a tagging system that makes it easy for your property to be returned to you if it is lost and then found.  The concept is simple.  It is proven that most people who find property try and do the right thing and return it.  We have noticed this especially in the camping world.  tracTAG makes it easy and rewarding for that good Samaritan that finds your property to return it to you.

Unlike beacon devices that require batteries or will only work in a certain radius, tracTAG is easily fitted or attached to your most valuable possessions.  From anodized metal tags for luggage and keys, to unobtrusive stickers for phones and cameras, the tags are ideal and come with a lifetime warranty.  Each track tag has a unique ID – letters and numbers string and a QR code.

A tracTAG for all items


As the owner you simply tag your property and register your tag on your personal profile at  Then if you lose it, you activate the lost alert.  Create a personal message for the finder, set a reward and check that your contact details are up to date!

See how easy it is to activate tracTAG

For the finder simply scan the tag using the QR scanner on your mobile phones or input the ID code into the web site.  This will bring up the owner’s details and let you know how you can contact them.

And the best part, if the owner has provided a reward you get it, but if not, tracTAG will always reward you for it.  What better incentive to return something to its rightful owner.


As campers, we can see tracTAG used for so many items around the campsite, but in particular iPads or Android tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and keys.  tracTAG can be attached to any of these items, all of which are valuable, costly and hard to replace.  Especially with some electronic car keys now over $500.00 to replace!


But possibly one of the most precious possession anyone travelling with pets has is their beloved best friend.

One of the more upsetting incidents we have witnessed whilst on the road was of a fellow traveler losing their dog.  Whilst all care and effort is taken, pets can wander off, especially when they are in a new and unknown environment.  And while the basic id tags are great, you can’t fit too much information on them.

We recently found a small dog wandering on the road near one of our camp sites.  There was no id tag on him, it turns out the dog was micro-chipped but we didn’t know this at the time until we found the owner after lots of searching and door knocking.

A dog we recently found.

However, with tracTAG, you don’t have to wait, and you can include up-to-date contact details in your profile, so that you can tell the finder how to look after your pet until you can collect them.  This means telling them if they have allergies, or particular needs or just that your ‘best mate’ needs a warm spot to curl up and wait for you.

Create your own personal message about your pet

tracTAG can’t always guarantee the return of your pets or valuable items, but it definitely goes a step closer to having these items returned should you lose them while on the road.  In the video below, Maree explains how tracTAG can work for your pets, and you can see it in action with a lost dog.

See tracTAG in action with a lost dog



Because we think tracTAG are an ideal solution for campers and travellers to effectively label their camping gear, we have them available in the FRC on-line store, where you can take advantage of our Premium Member Club pricing and save up to 40% on some products.

To head to the store and find out more, press on the link below.



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