tracTAG & Kui Parks – Great Escape Promotion

tracTAG & Kui Parks – Great Escape Promotion

What do you get when you combine Cute, Camping and Canine with the great outdoors?

You get the chance to have a bit of fun with the Great Escape.

This Easter, six intrepid camp sites around Australia will have more than the regular Easter Egg Hunt. They’ll be looking for half a dozen ‘lost’ blue heelers!

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tracTAG, Kui Parks and Free Range Camping have combined to create a bit of extra fun and awareness during this holiday period when so many of us are enjoying the best of Australia’s outdoor lifestyle.

Campers & Travellers with pets are only too aware of the dangers of losing pets in strange new locations.  tragTAG is a great solution that will help you get your pets back should they get lost.  For more information on this, see our tragTAG review.

The Great Escape will see six oh-so-cute plush blue heeler pups, equipped with bright collars and the essential tracTAG ‘lost’ in six different Kui Parks sites around the country.

Find a puppy and claim a reward.


Kui Parks are Australia’s newest and fastest growing chain of Caravan parks.  Specifically aimed with the travelling nomad in mind.  Their parks meet stringent criteria:

Friendly – Clean – Affordable – Well Maintained

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You can find out more about Kui Parks in our Kui Parks review.  And don’t forget they offer Free Range Camping members 20% Off their membership.


1. Look for one of our six lost puppies in a Kui Parks Caravan Park around Australia.  (See full list of Kui Parks)

2. If you find one, Scan the tracTAG, or enter the id details from the tracTAG into the tracTAG web site.

3. Receive instructions on how to claim your reward.

Hint:  There is one puppy in every state (excluding NT) – Offer Valid:  10/3/16 to 8/4/16


prize pack v2

* If already a member of Kui Parks, 2 Years additional membership


In the meantime, if you can’t wait tracTAG are offering all Free Range Camping members an exclusive deal for the next 30 days.  Purchase any tracTAG item from their shop and receive a massive 30% off your total spend.  And FREE shipping to anywhere in Australia.





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