The Free Range Camping Premium App – New Features

The Free Range Camping Premium App – New Features

With the release of Version 2.0 of the Free Range Camping App, we have enhanced the Premium Version of the Maps.   As we continue to improve and add new features, we will outline them here so you can keep up to date with the latest improvements and functions.


New Features


New – Free Online Maps
  • The introduction of the new online maps takes you to a Lite Version of the App.  You can search and find out more about all our Campsites & RV related Businesses.
  • You can navigate around the map by touching and dragging the map, however, some features are restricted and for Premium Club Members only.


  • From the Main App page, select the Free Online Maps button
  • This takes you to a page with more information and instructions
  • Once you press continue you will be taken to the Registration & Login page

  • If you are a brand new user, simply press on the REGISTER FOR FREE button and you will be taken to the Registration page where you just need to enter a Username, Email & Password and you can start using the App for Free
  • If you are already registered as a Free Member, press the Login Button – you will be directed to the Login page, where you just need to enter your existing Username & Password.  Once you have logged in once, the system will remember you and you wont have to login again for future use.
  • The first time you use the new version you will be directed to an information screen, simply press the Continue to Free Online Maps link at the bottom of the screen and you can start searching for campsites
  • From the Main Map Page, simply move around the map or zoom in and out until you find the area you are after
  • Press on the map marker according to your prefered category and a preview window will display at the bottom of the screen showing icons of facilities at the site
  • Pressing on the map marker will bring up full details of the campsite or RV Business, including details on how to get there and the navigation function
  • You must have an active internet connection or data to be able to use the Free Lite Version of the App.  The offline version is only available to Premium Club Members
  • Several other functions are disabled in the Lite Version but all available in the Full Premium Version of the App

New Hamburger Menu
  • The introduction of a new Hamburger Menu from the Maps screen makes it easier to access all features of the App
  • Menu slides out from the side when touched
  • Gives access to
  • Map Markers Legend – Where all the icons and map markers used on the maps are explained
  • Suggest a Listing – where members can suggest new Campsites or RV Businesses they would like added to the directory
  • My Collections – A place to save all your favourite Campsites or RV Businesses for future reference
  • Offline Content – Where you can pre-download maps and images for use with no internet connection
  • Discounts/Offers Near Me – Shows a list of Premium Club member discounts or offers within a 200km radius
  • Member Card – Presents your FRC Digital Member Card – Date & Time stamped for security



Map Markers & Legend


  • Pressing on the Map Markers Legend presents a new screen
  • Scroll up and down on this screen to see a detailed explanation of all map markers used on the Maps
  • Outlines colours and icons used
  • Covers Campsites & RV Businesses


Satellite Images


  • Introduction of a Map View & Satellite View Button
  • Toggle between buttons for
  • Map View – Provides the default map view without satellite imagery
  • Satellite view – Provides a detailed satellite view showing geographical details
  • Zoom in for a closer birdseye view of your campsite or location

To download the app, simply go to:

IOS(iphones, ipads etc)


Android(samsung, google pixel etc) 

Stay Tuned. More to come soon. 





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