Grey Nomads Ultimate Guide to Australia

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Edition #3 – Available Now

Grey, blonde, brunette or otherwise, this is THE book for the nomad or anyone looking to undertake this incredible journey and ‘Live the Dream’ and it is currently only available as a pre-purchase via FRC.

Superbly written by Xavier Waterkeyn, one of Australia’s leading non-fiction authors, in consultation with FRC, it offers refreshing insights into what it is like to travel around Australia and how to prepare for your new adventure.

Seasoned Nomads who have read the draft copy of the book have said

“Oh, if we had only had this resource before we headed out on our grand adventure!!! ”

If the fear of packing the house and heading off on this amazing adventure is holding you back, then you need to read this book.

If you are already doing it, and think you know it all, you still need to read this book.

The book is a prefect compendium to the FRC App…and will help you prepare for your trip, of course, you can chose to do nothing and still dream about ‘living the dream or, you can just go and find out for yourself what it is like without guidance…or let us take the guesswork out of it and help you prepare…

Format: Paperback
Page Extent: 320 pages
Book Size: 210 x 150 x 23 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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About the Book

Have you ever wanted to live the dream?

Have you ever wanted to just go, get a caravan and travel around Australia?

Or perhaps you’re already living the dream and want to live a better version of it.

Whether it’s the big lap around Australia, taking a few months here and there to hide out in your favourite spot, or weekend camping to get away and unwind, there is so much more to caravanning around Australia than you think you may already know.   We know, we’ve done it, and believe me we had to learn things the hard way. However, our experiences however have allowed us to establish Full Range Camping as one of Australia’s Leading resources when it comes to travelling around Australia in an RV.

The FRC Team on the road

What was missing however was a compendium of all that collective, hard-earned wisdom and experience. But now, thanks to Xavier Waterkeyn and New Holland Publishing here it is!

And here is also your opportunity to get in early, secure the book before it hits the bookstores and save further on your FRC Membership.

About the Author

Xavier Waterkeyn is one of Australia’s leading authors. He’s published and edited dozens of books ranging from subjects as varied as true crime, science and technology, history and weight loss. You might know him best as the author of the controversial Where’s Bin Laden?  The Grey Nomad’s Ultimate Guide to Australia, is his latest work, written with extensive collaboration with the team at Free Range Camping.  The result is over 300 pages of magnificently researched information, presented in an easy-to-read style. It’s a resource that you’ll want to dip into again and again, providing you will all the fundamentals you need to undertake your camping journey.

More about the book

While we’re very proud of the FRC website and app as real-time online tools to help you while you’re on the road, The Grey Nomad’s Ultimate Guide is a much-needed offline compendium that will prepare you well in advance for most eventualities. Even if you think you are already well prepared and experienced because you’re a seasoned traveller, chances are this book will cover things you might not have even thought about.

The book covers topic such as:

• The First Steps – preparing for the trip
• Redesigning, Reinventing & Renegotiating – including financial preparation and health, well-being and eating on the road
• Solo Travelling & Travelling with pets – tips and advice on doing one or the other, or both
• The Rig – the many different types and what will suit you best
• Rules and Regulations of life on the road – What they all mean
• The Art of Camping – surviving out there, what to expect when on the road, including things that can happen – usually unexpectedly
• And best of all, a guide to some of the most exceptional places to see and experience – which is why we all do it in the first place!

Sample Pages

We have included some sample pages below of some of the great stories and advice you can find in the book


We gave a final version of the book to a well seasoned Grey Nomad before it went to print and here is what she had to say….

Oh, if we had only had this resource before we headed out on our grand adventure!! We were late starters into the nomadding lifestyle and bought a second-hand motorhome to start our adventures.
This book covers the WHOLE arena of this adventurous style of living and the things that would’ve been so helpful to know are covered in this comprehensive book. The experience of other people is so valuable, as we learned as we travelled this wonderful country. Talking to others at the various campsites, we learned so much ‘on the run’, so to speak.
This excellent book on the nomadding lifestyle will become a classic in this field. We can’t recommend it enough if you’re contemplating, or have even started, on this priceless and life-changing experience. From how to finance the adventure to where to find the next dump-point and the back-up information and direction given by Full Range Camping makes this volume a dynamic and invaluable book to keep in front of your eyes.

Di Casley-Smith, Brisbane, QLD

5 reviews for Grey Nomads Ultimate Guide to Australia

  1. Barry Richardson

    We have been caravanning for many years but only as part timers. Now retirement has finally arrived we are planning a 6 month caravanning trip. This book has been a real eye opener and a lot of what we have read will come in handy for our trip. You think you know it all but until you read this book you will come to the realization that there is a lot more to planning a trip than just heading off.
    Great read and here’s to great caravanning trips around this great land.

  2. Russell Simson

    Great book!!!
    As part time grey nomads in Oz (we are actually Kiwis) with many Km behind us touring in the big red Island, there are heaps of little “pearls of wisdom” that we totally agree with. No matter how many Km you have towed your rig, there is still more to learn. Wherever you camp, talk to your neighbours, as they might have a better way of doing things.
    We thoroughly recommend this book, no matter how far you are into your journey.
    Hopefully it will be back available shortly. Every caravan yard in the country should be selling copies to their customers.
    Cheers, and “bottoms up”.

  3. Amanda Whinfield

    A great read, funny in parts but very informative about many things that may slip your mind or just thinking about and needed an answer. Definately a glove compartment book.


    I have found the book interesting to read ,different thoughts ,some interesting easy to read

  5. Terry smith

    Very good for beginners and refresh old timers very clear to read and understand well done thank you

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