GLO-X Glow-in-the-Dark Campers Ultimate Pack


Made from Polypropylene with a word first “Inert Pigment”.

Be the envy of the campsite with the GLO-X Glow Camper’s Ultimate Pack. By day, your campsite will look like every other typical setup. Tents, fireplaces and kids running around having fun. But when you’re using the world’s most powerful glow products, your campsite will come to life at night, eliminating a glorious green glow that everyone will envy.

The GLO-X Glow Camper’s Ultimate Pack features the revolutionary glow zip markers (8), glow round markers (4) and glow straight markers (4). Use these glow in the dark marvels and your tent and campsite will shine at night, helping you and your family stay safe and find their way around in the dark. No more finding torches, no more tripping over and no more waking everyone up with bright lights when you need to get up at night. Your kids will love the glow effect, and it will help them feel secure in a dark campsite.

* The GLO-X Glow Camper’s Ultimate Pack includes 8 glow zip markers, 4 glow round markers and 4 glow straight markers.

* These world’s most powerful glow markers will illuminate your entire tent and campsite at night.

* You’ll eliminate trip hazards, making your camping experience safer and more fun for your family (kids love these glow in the dark products).

* During the day, leave your markers in natural or powered light to charge and they’ll glow for 12+ hours during the dark night.

* These glow round markers can be recharged unlimited times, so you’ll use them for years to come.

Australian Made
Invented in QLD, Aussie Owned

Delivery: Next Day Despatch
Flat Rate: $9.50 Aus wide
Order over $60: Free Shipping

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GLO-X is a world leader in photoluminescence products.

Glo-X products are made from polypropylene with a world first “Inert Pigment”. Patented worldwide and NATA tested to meet DIN 67510, the requirement for safety guiding.

GLO-X products are the world’s most powerful glow lights and fully charged can glow for 12 hours plus.

GLO-X products glow at their greatest in pitch darkness. Ambient lighting dulls the glow so always try to create an environment that is pitch dark and the results are amazing.

By testing in the world’s leading light testing laboratory.

All the GLO-X products have been tested by the World Authority in Light Measurement, a company called LMT Lichtmesstechnik, based in Berlin, Germany.

Australian Emergency Lighting Tests (which are the same as global standards) state that for GLO-X products to be compliant with safety standards, the product ‘must remain illuminated for at least 90 minutes’.


Our laboratory results proved a luminance after-glow at 90 minutes, recording 39.9 millicandelas per square metre.

What this demonstrates is that not only do our GLO-X products meet the Australian Emergency Lighting Standards at 90 minutes but continue to provide a glow after 12 hours.

Our testing showed that the longest-lasting glow results were achieved when the GLO-X products were located near direct sunlight or lit up areas.

GLO-X is the first in the world to incorporate an “inert pigment” into a polypropylene product.

No other company in Australia, or around the world, have created niche glow products for various markets as the team here at GLO-X have.

And no other glow product in the world has eclipsed a higher luminance after-glow time in the testing laboratory as the GLO-X products could.

Therefore, we can confidentially make the claim that GLO-X are the World’s Most Powerful Glow Lights.

All products  are charged via direct sunlight or from natural light. Important to position your products  during the day so they can absorb as much light as possible so they glow at their best at night.


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