Essential Shield Mr Mould – 750ml Trigger Pack


750 ml Bottle of Mr Mould

Kills & Removes Mould Naturally!  Retards the return of mould!
Water based & Powered by 5 Essential Oils & Coconut – No Toxic Chemicals!


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2 reviews for Essential Shield Mr Mould – 750ml Trigger Pack

  1. Neptune Rainbowdreamer

    I’ve used this for cleaning mould on curtains, vents etc and I really like the scent. It doesn’t seem to stain. I’m not sure how it would go on a locked up van but for cleaning and clearing the mould smell it worked well.

  2. Sandra Sheridan

    I was cleaning my washing Machine and removed the detergent dispenser to find black mould around and under the dispenser YUK!. I sprayed with Essential Shield Mr Mould and waited a few minutes and all I had to do was wipe it away. I also use it on my leather shoes. I live where the summer is very humid and when I unpacked my winter shoes they had mould all over the outside leather and had a bit of a smell but no more. Mould gone, Smell gone!

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