Awning Hooks – 10 Pack – Suits Roll Out Awnings


* 10 in a pack

Awning Hooks provide extra hanging space under your awning.

The hooks slide easily into the sail track groove of most caravan/RV awnings.

Can be used to hang:
* coat hangers
* torches
* strip lighting

Australian Made
Invented in Brisbane, Made in Brisbane

Delivery: Next Day Despatch
Flat Rate: $9.50 Aus wide

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All About the Awning Hooks

As we get around the countryside, we see the caravan awning being used for more and more things other than an awning that is!

There are not many caravans that don’t have something hanging from them.

That’s where this product is ideal.  It is from the makers of the Rain Saver Gutter and is a simple little gadget that allows your awning to be utilized for a multitude of things.

The awning hook – 2 Holes & 2 Hanging Lugs

They are small awning hooks that slide into the track of your caravan awning.  Each hook is designed with two holes, a small and a large, as well as two hanging lugs.

They allow you to use it to hang a full range of items inducing

  • Small bags
  • Caps
  • Torches
  • Coat Hangers
  • Towels

Each hook is made from nylon material and being flexible means they will now blow around on the track once you have something hanging on them.

Use them to hang a full range of things

Watch the video to see how easy they are to install and how to use them.

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What we thought of them

We love them, they were so easy to put on the awning and great to hang things like the torch on, we never used to be able to find it but now have a regular spot for it.  What we liked is the fact that even with our shade screen up, there are small enough to use either end of it.  They were also good as to put a plastic bag on that acts as a rubbish bin.

33 reviews for Awning Hooks – 10 Pack – Suits Roll Out Awnings

  1. Stuart

    Really versatile product and well made. Great for hanging out the smelly fishing clothes, lights, mozzie zapper and much more.

  2. Neil Wallis

    Great little clip to attach to the awning, allows us to hang all sorts of things from lighting to clothes etc.

  3. Carey Robson

    What a great little idea. Takes up no room in the van, there are a multitude of ways you can use them. Very happy with the purchase and thank you FRC for such fast efficient deilvery.

  4. claudette conte

    bought a pack of 10. fantastic, easy to use and are very handy items to have when you are looking to hang things .
    The price is reasonable, for a good quality product. Every camper should have a pack.

  5. Gary Vogel

    What an excellent product. We just keep finding new uses for these hooks. Strong while still reasonably flexible. Finally found a place to hang my hat.

  6. John Nightingale

    A good solid Australian made products. Easy to use and very practical. Makes hanging a whole lot easier.

  7. Leigh Ditchfield

    Australian made product, ideal for our needs. Get onto it RVers.
    Cheers …

  8. Sharon

    Super cool little gadget! great for hanging all sorts of things like fairy lights , coat hangers to dry clothes , hats and towels ! Endless uses ! Highly reccommend!

  9. Lindy

    These are excellent – be sure to order 2 packs, as everyone who sees them, wants one!
    Our latest use – holding the solar Christmas Lights – kids (and adults) love seeing the van all lit up.

  10. Pip

    I purchased 2 packs of these hooks. Took them away on a trip recently and found them very easy to use and useful. I am sure with each subsequent trip we will find more and more uses for them. great little gadgets and easy to store.

  11. EHS

    Easy to use hooks with many uses

  12. Nola Hinch

    Very impressed with my purchase As we free camp quite a bit These will be very useful

  13. Chris Marriner

    These little gadgets are great for all sorts of uses. Easy to thread a line through to hang up towels etc. can also hang clothes on coat hangers, use for a handy holder for rubbish bags, hold up fairy lights. Be careful your friends don’t ‘borrow’ too many or you’ll be left with none.

  14. Gary Whitmore

    I have purchased these as stocking fillers for my nomad family. Delivery was prompt and everything is as described. Thank you.


    Very handy hooks and simple to use

  16. Sharon Hildenhagen

    Multi purpose, great idea,,

  17. Owen Taylor

    Great product with many uses. We use them to hold our garbage bag above the ground to stop wildlife destroying the bag.

  18. Vicki Parker

    we find them very useful especially when someone cannot remember where he left the dog lead or the torch so very handy when i can hang things in sight. We found them very good for that middle tie down on the awning, Thanks for them FRC

  19. Heather

    Very handy little hooks, easy to store and very simple to place in awning track. Multiple uses from hanging clothes on hangers, power leads, extra support for clothes line, hanging a light for night time, a small google speaker for music, you name I’m sure you can hang it from these, except maybe not the partner after the difficult setup. Easy installation and quick to remove if you need to retract your awning, but if you also have the Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers there should be no need to pack up the awning in a hurry, because of strong winds.

  20. Danny Fitzgerald

    The product arrived in a timely fashion and was as depicted in the website. Thanks for solving a problem of hanging light items in the annex. These will become very handy.

  21. Sharon

    We recently purchased two packs of these hooks. They are great!!!! They have so many uses. I’m glad I saw them on the FRC newsletter/page.

  22. Bob Gale

    Excellent product, easy to use and store.

  23. Gail Fisher

    I recently bought two packs of the Nylon Flexible Awning hooks. They are strong and versatile. Not only can I hang coat hangers with clothes on them to dry but they also add strength to the washing line that runs the length of the awning by holding it up on the top hook. Am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend them,….. can’t wait for Christmas to use them to hang my Christmas lights.


  24. Jo & Wayne

    Fantastic Hooks, we use them for hanging the washing out plus holding electrical cables off the ground. We will be buying more!!!!!

  25. Christine Swift

    WOW…that amazed that something so simple can make my life so much easier. At last no hanging on rails, setting up ropes and all that palaver….easy to use, dont take up much room and handy. Ordered 2 packets then thinking maybe overkill…NOT!!!!! Thank you so much. Easy to order and arrived promptly.

  26. Greg Ryan

    We also purchased two packs of the awning hooks for the same reasons, that we would loose some to our mates, they always like a good idea. We have used them for similar things as others, drying clothes, hanging hats and garbage bins etc. Good simile idea, thanks.

  27. Tracey Newton

    Fabulous idea for all neat freaks or those of us with a touch of OCD. A pack for the van and the other for the camping box.

  28. Trisha krestensen

    I purchased 2 packets, one for me & the other for my brother & sil. They are a great product with many uses, no more forgetting where I put things. The whole process of ordering was very easy & delivery was very quick. Thank you for a wonderful idea.

    Cheers Trish

  29. Greg McCosker

    WOW!!! What a great little product. –so many uses !!! No excuse now for that cluttered campsite and /or the common problem of “where did I put that??” This product is so versatile, practical and easy to use. This was one of my camping purchase where the other half was actually pleased with my purchase ??

  30. brian prior

    natty little gadget with hundreds of uses limited only by your imagination, glad we got a pack. BRIAN….

  31. Ern Eichner

    So far I have had Xmas Lights hanging from our caravan, and helped with our Cloths line , which is a string tied to Awning Ends, But held up to the rafters by Awning Hooks. Thanks for a great tool, to add to our collection. Ern / 2Troopers… :{)))>>>

  32. Paul

    I attached about 500mls of sail track horizontally to the side of my caravan and use these hooks to hang hats, a broom and a rubbish bag. Very effective.

  33. Paul Izzard

    We purchased two packs of the awning hooks thinking we would loose some, yep we were right most of our mates have “borrowed” at least one, they are awesome many uses and a dream to fit and remove when you are ready to travel to your next place, thanks a great invention, Paul & Wendy

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