RV Ownership in a new light

RV Ownership in a new light

In this article by Jessica B of the Caravan Industry of Australia, it outlines the results of new research into ownership and preferences of RV’s in Australia. You may be well surprised by the results.

Did you know the average age of an RV owner in Australia is 33? It has an average income of $48, 000-$72, 000.

The inaugural RV Consumer Report 2018 is the most comprehensive consumer study of its kind in Australia. It examines recreational vehicle purchasing and usage preferences among current vehicle owners. Including former owners, potential new market entrants, and consumers who have a limited preference for buying into the RV lifestyle.

The research shows that more people in Australia own a Recreational Vehicle (RV). 1 in 13 households in Australia having an RV registered. The research highlights several key trends including the vital role that family structure and change have on RV ownership. Includes the positive influence that childhood camping experiences have on future purchase intention and the increased preference for outdoor activities for RV owners. Also, the role that economic pressures have on buying into or selling out of RV ownership.

One of the most significant factors for consumers was the importance of children. 42% of current RV owners having children under 15 living at home.
Many people also waited to start a family or for their children to reach a certain age before purchasing an RV. It is also linked with retirement. Consumers also indicated they were more likely to purchase an RV if they camped as a child. This is 67% of current RV owners camping in their childhood.

The research also indicated the typical RV owner is more active and enjoys an outdoor lifestyle; 87% of current RV owners indicated a preference for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.
A core aspect of the research was identifying the elements of RVs that prospective buyers looked for, with a clear trend towards functionality over aesthetics. Nearly half (40%) of RV owners said that road handling was the most important aspect of a purchase. Only 1 in 7 is willing to economise this feature for a lower purchase price.

However, the price was also rated as a vital element of an RV purchase. 80% of consumers stating this was the most influential factor. The modern RV consumer’s path to purchase appears to be significantly changing. 47% of new market entrants indicating they consider hiring an RV in Australia to ‘try before the buy’, with this being driven by the under 40s.

Most RV owners (80%) were also likely to travel to new places without planning in advance. Resulting in more confidence in exploring regional destinations. This demonstrates the value the RV industry has to regional tourism bodies.
As this is the first year of the reporting series, this study sets the benchmarks to examine the Australian population over the coming decades. This is to understand shifts in consumer preferences, lifestyle choices, buying and selling trends. It inlcudes purchase intention, RV features and amenities preferences, rental and peer-to-peer usage, and travel and leisure patterns.

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