RSG Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers & Anti Flap Kit

RSG Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers & Anti Flap Kit

Over the years, Mike from Rain Saver Gutter has taken some simple ideas and turned them into functional camping accessories to make life easier on the road. These Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers are just the latest in the RSG range of products proudly supported and distributed by FRC.

The Multi-Purpose Tarp Gripper

We are always on the lookout for better camping products and we believe this is one of them. OK, so Tarp Grippers aren’t exactly a new item when it comes to camping, however, the design of these is. RSG has come up with a design that is more functional and more effective than the existing slip or spring models on the market.

Superior grip on a range of tarps

The secret is in the design, particularly the shape and size of each gripper.  The rigid alligator teeth help grip the tarp or material you are attaching it to and the adjustable butterfly nut allows you to determine the tension of the gripper on your tarp, allowing for a better grip over a wider range of thicknesses.

Excellent Grip & Adjustable Nut

If your tarps constantly suffer from eyes pulling out, these grippers will help save them. The larger surface area allows them to better grip the tarp, in turn protecting the eyelet.
The hole in the middle of each gripper allows quick easy attachment to your existing tent poles. The small hook at the rear of the gripper allows for further attachment points.

The Tarp Gripper on a tent pole

You can easily remove the bolt on the tarp. You can also place the gripper directly into the eye on most tarps. It will provide extra strength and grip.

The gripper can attach to the seam of the tarp and through the eyelet


The grippers are very easy to attach and use.  The video below shows how a clip is quickly fitted to a tarp.


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See how the grips fit a tarp

Awning Anti Flap Kit (4 Pack)

As the name suggests, the Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers have more than one use. When used in conjunction with the bungee ball, it quickly turns the grippers into an inexpensive anti flap kit.

Add in a Bungee Cord and convert to an Awning Anti Flap Kit

To use them as such, simply attach the Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers on either side of your caravan awning, feed the bungee cord through the hole on the Tarp Gripper, around the caravan awning arm and onto the hook on the Tarp Gripper. This will secure your awning reducing the flapping significantly.  Watch the video below on how to install the Anti Flap Kit.


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See how the grips can also be an Anti Flap Kit

The Trap Grippers are made from reinforced nylon and have a 2 year warranty. They have been designed by Mike of Rain Saver Gutter here in Australia. He is proud to say that they are also made here locally.

Proudly Designed & Made in OZ

Where can you get them?

The Multi-Purpose Tarp Grippers are now in stock in the FRC Online Store and are available in a range of pack sizes. From single units up to the 4 piece Anti Flap Kit Pack.


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