Reverse Alert Auto Braking System– Stops you in your tracks

Reverse Alert Auto Braking System– Stops you in your tracks

Is your vehicle fitted with collision avoidance technology?

Introducing, the world’s first reversing sensor that will automatically apply your brakes if it detects an object behind you. Late last year, we installed and tested the Reverse Alert autonomous braking system on one of our representative’s motorhomes and were very impressed.  Now, the system just got better as it can be fitted to Caravans and Fifth wheelers, making it so much easier to reverse into tight situations, and avoid unnecessary collisions. Unlike other sensor systems on the market, the Reverse Alert system not only detects objects behind you, it stops you dead in your tracks before you hit them. reverse-alert-with-child

The Reverse Alert system activates your brakes if it senses something behind you

Before leaving for their big lap around Australia, Ray n Di had the unit installed in their motorhome.  We recently caught up with them on their return and got their feedback on the unit.  Di said,

“ it is definitely one of the best things we had installed.  We used it quite a few times just reversing into camping spots.  On one occasion we were caught down a road where the bridge was out, we were committed and had to turn around in a tight area.  It required about a five point turn, but it was such a relief to know that while we were backing up we wouldn’t hit anything. Definitely peace of mind. “

How it works

The system is fitted directly to the brakes of your motorhome or in the case of a caravan to the primary towing vehicle.  A secondary set of sensors are then fitted to the caravan.  The sensors are fitted on the rear bumper, but additional sensors can be fitted higher up for high or oversize vehicles. reversing-sensors

Sensors fitted to Vehicle, Motorhome or Caravan

The system is automatically activated once the vehicle is placed into reverse and is easy to use – no button pressing. The technology has three modes: 1. Normal reverse mode – a detection at 1.6m~ results in the brakes being applied automatically. 2. Auto park mode – more than 2 seconds~ of pressure on the brake pedal will reduce the sensors from 1.6m~ to 40cm~ allowing the driver to park the vehicle. 3. Auto override – After a detection the brake pedal will automatically release and the system will be in override for 8 seconds before the system becomes active again.

See Reverse Alert in Action

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In The News

Reverse Alert has been featured in the major networks news & morning shows with pieces showcasing the features of the Reverse Alert System

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With big rigs and caravans having very limited viewing ranges, one of the most common occurrences of damage to caravans is while they are reversing.  Reverse Alert could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or insurance clams.  Potential mishaps in reversing can be nearly eliminated with this revolutionary system, which helps to prevent you from hitting any object such as trees or other caravans. reversing-accident

Save arguments with the other half!!!

Children are notorious for riding bikes or chasing balls behind vehicles, especially in and around caravan parks.  Reverse Alert is designed to stop your vehicle in its tracks in the event a child runs out behind your vehicle unexpectedly.

Easy to install

Reverse Alert can be retro-fitted to any vehicle, motorhome or caravan.  The unit is straight forward to fit and in most cases can be fitted in up to 4 hours, no modifications are required and the unit does not conflict with any of the Australian design rules, however to comply it must be fitted by one of Reverse Alerts accredited installers.

Ezetech – National Installer Network  

Reverse Alert have teamed with Ezetech, a national distributor and installer who specialize in installation of the Reverse Alert unit, along with many other solutions for cars and caravans. ezetech jobs 2

Ezetech have installers nationwide, or they can come to you

536715-Ezetech Aust NZ installer network



Reverse Alert technology is the only one of its kind available in Australia and must be fitted by an authorised dealer.  The units can be retrofitted to caras, motorhomes or caravans as per the pricing schedule below.  However, they are offering FRC members special deals as listed below.

RA new pricing

Special Offer

For a limited time only, Ezetech are making the following offers  to Free Range Camping members.  There are 3 Payment options to choose from, as well as a bonus offer of a further discount on a Reversing Camera or a Free Dash Cam.


Express Your Interest

To take advantage of this great offer, or to find out more about Reverse Alert or any Ezetech service, please fill out the form below and one of their staff will contact you direct.  This offer will be available for a limited time only.

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