Queensland Eases Camping Restrictions in Time for Easter

Queensland Eases Camping Restrictions in Time for Easter

Additional easing of COVID-19 restrictions is evidence that life and the economy are beginning to return to normal. Although the pandemic is not over, it’s possible to see minor signs of light at the end of the tunnel. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is beginning to relax some restrictions throughout Queensland. Although coronavirus is still present, it appears to be less prevalent than six months to a year ago. Some Queensland public hospitals remain on code yellow, and mobile coronavirus testing vans are still operating in Far North Queensland.

These hospitals help to treat individuals in Indigenous communities, providing them with necessary medical care. On the other hand, in many parts of Queensland, restrictions are beginning to relax just in time for Easter weekend and school holidays — and residents couldn’t be happier about the situation.

Easing From 12th March

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has relaxed COVID-19 restrictions beginning from the 12th March, increasing indoor gathering restrictions from 50 to 100 people. If you are hosting a party indoors, you can invite as many as 100 people. This restriction also applies to events like weddings and funerals but dramatically increases the number of people who can attend this type of service. We recommend that you still mask and practice social distancing if you attend an indoor event, but you may notice more social events beginning to pop up throughout Queensland over the next few weeks.

You may see parties, small concerts, paint nights, and more beginning to make their return.

Outside gathering limits have increased to 500 people beginning at 1 AM on Saturday. This is five times the previous number, which is quite a dramatic increase. However, if dancing is a part of the event, social distancing regulations are still in place. Individuals must stay two square metres apart. With this restriction lifting, you may notice the return of festivals, craft fairs, live music, and more of your favourite seasonal events.

Practicing social distancing is still wise, but Queensland residents can look forward to getting outdoors and having a bit of normalcy back in their lives. If there’s an event that you especially look forward to each year that was cancelled in 2020, it may be time to take a look at their website or social media to see if they’re making plans to open back up for 2021.

Easter Camping

Easter weekend is popular for camping, and the restriction on individuals allowed per camping site has been completely lifted. Previously, only one person was allowed per 2 square metres. Now, you may have as many people camp with you as you’d like, in any proximity that you wish.

This can be a great way to get outdoors with your friends and loved ones and celebrate the pandemic beginning to pass into recent memory. Consider planning a local camping trip to celebrate these restrictions lifting so that you can get outdoors, stretch your legs, and entertain a bit of the wanderlust that you’ve been experiencing for the last year or so.

The Premier hopes that relaxing these restrictions will provide much-needed outdoor freedom for residents and additional income for tourism operators and tourism towns. Lift capacity has also been increased from 4 to 6, just in time for school holidays. This means that everyone can get in and out of a building faster, raising the money spent in restaurants, coffee bars, and sandwich shops over the holiday season.

These are all great chances to support your favourite local businesses and get outdoors at the same time, so consider spending a bit of time outside in Queensland this weekend if you’re able.

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