QLD & WA Tightens Border Restrictions

QLD & WA Tightens Border Restrictions

No Permit, No Pass

In an attempt to curb the hundreds of travellers crossing into the Queensland border, despite the Government’s recommendations to not enter, State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced tighter restrictions.  Anyone who does not have a state government permit with a legitimate reason will be denied entry. The new policy will take effect Friday, 3rd of April. Reports are that there are still hundreds of people crossing into the Queensland border. These new restrictions replace the current arrangement that allowed border crossings provided they undertook a 14-day self-quarantining period.

It is apparent, that a lot of those people are non-essential.  People crossing the border for work and medical reasons will be eligible for the permits. These tougher measures were implemented to mitigate the spread of the virus. They have already reported thousands of cases, southern states of NSW and VIC.

Queensland Border Passes can be obtained here

WA Closes Borders, Midnight Sunday 5th April

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announced that the state will introduce a ‘temporary closure’ of its borders from Midnight on Sunday.  WA had a similar 14 day self-quarantining period for interstate border crossings. They also have decided to strengthen their policies in line with those of QLD.  The Premier has announced to WA residents, if you are interstate, ‘Come Home Now’.  He has also indicated to western states residents not to come to Western Australia.

Whilst QLD and WA have introduced these new, tougher restrictions, the word on everyone’s lips is, What about NSW and VIC?  Social media has been awash with people asking these questions.  To date, no representative from either state has made any indication of any cross border restrictions.

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