Post Coronavirus Travel-Tourism Timetable Restart Overview

Post Coronavirus Travel-Tourism Timetable Restart Overview

The Slow Road Back to Re-opening

With most Australian States well and truly into Stage 1 Restrictions, Stage 2 is about to be upon us. Most states are looking at releasing travel restrictions within their own states around the 12th of June.  This is part of the 3 Step Framework from the Australia Government.  These lifted restrictions on travel, albeit a welcome one for all of us campers, only allows travel within the state.  Cross border travel is still not permissible.  The Stage 2 restrictions allow all accommodation areas the ability to open. Gatherings of up to 20 people are also allowed.  Some Campgrounds and Caravan Parks are also allowed to open.

There are over 350,000 campers and caravanners ready to hit the road and back out to their favourite camping locations and start getting away again.

Camping & Caravanning for 2020

When Covid-19 restrictions hit earlier in the year, the ever popular Camping & Caravan shows had to cancel, leaving many in the industry high and dry.  Tourism in the Caravanning and Camping industry was killed overnight, along with the industry in a whole.  Now, with campgrounds and caravan parks allowed to re-open, it looks that the good old camping trip might have to do for the rest of 2020.  Other aspects in the tourism industry with have a gradually re-opening with the Australian Chamber of Tourism releasing a proposed Tourism Restart Timetable.

The above image provides a guideline when businesses, events, local and international travel can commence.  That is, of course, a second wave of Covid-19 doesn’t eventuate.  However, for the time being, at least we can all go camping again.

Full Range Camping Directory

Since the Covid-19 shut downs, we have placed a notice above all of our directory listings.  As of the the 12th, we will be removing that notification, but to be on the safe side, whilst browsing our directory, if you do wish to stay at one of the locations, please contact them to determine whether they are still operating.  All contact details of our listings can be location approximately halfway down each listing.

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