Portable Water Pump

Portable Water Pump

If faced with no water or you cant get your caravan close enough to the waters edge a portable pump unit may be ideal for you.  It offers so many advantages allowing you to pump water from the waters edge including streams, billabongs, rivers or wells without moving your van, or pumping water into portable storage tanks.

Our portable water pump  consists of…

1 x Water proof case – purchased from Bunnings
1x Caravan / Boat FRESH WATER PUMP SHURFLO AQUA KING Junior 7.6LPM 12 volt 30PSI- purchased from your Local Marine Centre or Ebay
2 x valves (optional) – Bunnings
2 x hose snap fittings – male – Bunnings
1 x on/off switch – Bunnings
20m x 4mm 2 core insulated cable with Anderson plug

Portable water pump in case

For Water Pump protection it is a good idea to insert an inline water filter that has a washable, removable stainless steel screen attached and a one way valve to prevent any water loss.

One-Way Valve

It is a good idea to allow up to 4 metres of drinking water hose with snap fittings to join it all together, with another 4 metre length used to join the pumping unit with you caravan inline filter. We suggest a twin filter element.  The unit pictured below is a PSI Water Filter which can be purchase online from PSI Water Filters.

Twin Filters

This twin system is designed to be used in a variety of ways. It can be fitted with quick connect hose fitting so when you are at a caravan park, filtered water is supplied to the van, it is also useful to filter the water into the vans storage tank when filling them.  You can also change the fittings to enable it to be installed internally to filter water from the storage tank and can be fitted with hose tails.

The first filter is a 1 micron polyspun sediment cartridge, the second filter is a Matrikx CR1, 0.5 micron rating for >99.99% chlorine and >99.99% for Cryptosporidium & Giardia cysts.  The treatment ratings are up to 10 litres per minute for 40,000 litres with good sediment tolerance as well. This cartridge exceeds the tough NSF rating by nearly double and is independently tested and certified.

From here we can pump directly into the caravan water tanks, giving you the extra water to stay longer in one location.


Estimated Costs involved to set up a similar system.

  • Waterproof Case (good for storing additional filters and fittings) 330mm x 280mmx 120mm – $79.00
  • Twin filter System – $121.00
  • Pump Valves (optional)
  • Water Hose – 1 x rolls of drinking water hose $42.00/20 metre
  • Water fittings – male/female snap fittings assorted $10.00
  • Inline Water Filter – $24.00
  • One-Way valve – $15.00
  • Water Pump (Depending on Brand) – $120.00
  • Twin core cable, plug & swtich – $50.00

Note: These are only a suggestion on what ‘Overthetop’ carries on board and uses when required but can vary on brand or location.

Tip: The above system could also be used as a cold shower system if required.

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