Pioneer Park Closed @ Ballarat – Council Debates New Free Camping Site

Pioneer Park Closed @ Ballarat – Council Debates New Free Camping Site

Melissa Cunningham wrote an article in ‘The Courier’ last 28 June 2016 that ever since Pioneer Park was closed in March, recreational caravans and motorhomes have issues in finding inexpensive or free camping sites in Ballarat.  However, Councillor Vicki Coltman mentioned that they are almost close to finding new camping places for visitors who stop over the area.

“We are not opposed to the idea of freedom camping but we believe that Pioneer Park was not the best representation of our beautiful city”, Coltman stated.  “The idea is not dead in the water as such.  The council is looking at other sites in surrounding townships which will bring economic benefit not just to the city, but also boost townships on the outskirts of Ballarat”.

Some have talked about converting Miners Rest into a free camping site since there’s a caravan park in Learmonth.

On the other hand, Caravan and Motorhome on Tour Magazine editor, Fred Wright, spoke negatively about the council for not offering free camping areas for recreational caravans and he deems that Pioneer Park was the best one for visitors who travel by motorhomes.  In fact, Mr. Tillett created a survey and about 70% out of 3,000 holiday-goers won’t stop by Ballarat if Pioneer Park was non-existent.  So, travelers would be lost each year who spend money whenever they go to the area.

There has been a big controversy in closing Pioneer Park where there are caravan owners who were overstaying for more than 2 nights and some don’t have proper self-containment water and toilet measures.

Original Story Courtesy of THE COURIER


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