Outback Queensland Floods 2019 – Please Help

Outback Queensland Floods 2019 – Please Help

Just short of two years ago now, we were in the unfortunate position to have been caught up in the Murwillumbah floods as a result of the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Trapped in rising waters we were airlifted out and watched as our motorhome remained behind in the rising waters. It was not until we were in the air that we saw the true scope of the situation.

Murwillumbah Floods 2017

As devastating as it was for us, what was more devastating at the time was to see the mass destruction that was caused to so many other homes and businesses in and around Murwillumbah. An event many are still struggling to recover from.  The impact of this event was greater than we realised. We consider ourselves one of the fortunate ones. Although our motorhome remained in the flood waters, three days later it was salvaged and was able to be repaired. But for many others, things were not able to be repaired. Sure, some buildings were salvaged, and items replaced, however for many it left emotional scaring.

Devastating scenes during the floods

What sticks in our mind the most, however, is how everyone in the community, as well as strangers from far and wide just stopped whatever they were doing and helped each other out. We have never seen a community pull together so well and be there for each other. It was truly inspiring to see how people reacted in the face of devastation.

Flooding in the Julia Creek Area

Fast forward 2 years and now and we are witnessing many towns in outback Queensland experiencing the worst flooding in recent history, which is prompting us to call out to anyone that find themselves in a position to help.
Many of these towns have been devastated, and the report of loss and destruction we are hearing are heartbreaking.

Flooding near Richmond, Qld

As many of you are travellers who own caravans or motorhomes, you may already be in these areas, or if not, may possibly have time on your hands to help out.
There are still many people in great need of assistance, and the clean-up and recovery will take months or even years.

Flooding @ Winton, Qld

We would like to put the call out to any Free Range Camping member that is in a position to help to please do so.  Blaze Aid currently has 4 camps underway in Winton, Cloncurry, Richmond & Julia Creek.

Blaze Aid is a well-structured organisation that is looking for teams of helpers in these areas. Ideally, they are looking for anyone that can volunteer for a minimum of one week at a time. Also, should be fully self-sufficient so that we do not impact further on those who have already lost so much. It won’t be pretty, and getting to some sites may involve travelling through gravel, mud or dusty roads. Tasks will vary but may also involve the disposal of animal carcassess.

Lost of Thousands of Cattle

For further details, please refer to each listing in the Free Range Camping directory, which also have links and contact details for each of the Blaze Aid Camps, or head on over to the BlazeAid website.

Blaze Aid – Winton Area;
Blaze Aid – Cloncurry Area;
Blaze Aid – Julie Creek Area;
Blaze Aid – Richmond Area

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