Outback Links & Frontier Services – Looking for Campers to Volunteer

Outback Links & Frontier Services – Looking for Campers to Volunteer

Frontier Services is a non-profit volunteer organisation who often look for people like us who are long term travellers, with their own accommodation, that may wish to take a break from Campsites and Caravan parks for a while and perhaps HELP OUT fellow Australians in need.

The flooding is devastating

If you are out there travelling and wish to get involved in any future projects, you will need to pre-register. Doing this now will mean you are ready to go when then announce any projects they are preparing in response to the recent flooding in outback Queensland. The devastation is widespread and has affected hundreds of lives and livelihoods.

Many have lost everything, including stock

The scenes are not pretty, and the work will not be easy, but it will be rewarding. New experiences will be had, and friendships will be forged when you experience first hand what these people are living through.

Helping Out is so rewarding

To find out more on how to register, please follow the link to the Frontier Services Website or call them direct on 1300 787 247 and talk to the Outback Links Team.  There is a page of Frequently Asked Questions that will tell you all you need to know about Helping Out.

In the meantime, we currently have over 22 active projects in the HELP OUT section of the FRC Directory that Outback Links are looking to fill.  There are a range of jobs from house sitting, painting and gardening, to mechanical work and property maintenance. To find all the jobs available open your Free Range Camping App and head on over to either the Free Online Maps or Maps & Extras Icons depending on your membership level.  Then use the Filter and select the Help Out Icon.  This will then populate the map with all the active relevant jobs around the country.  You can then click on any of the map markers to get full details for that listing.




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