Majestic UFO X – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Majestic UFO X – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes all the Majestic TV Antennas pick up Digital Channels.

However it is also important that you have a TV that has a Digital TV Tuner otherwise it will not be able to decode the Digital Channels picked up.

All Majestic products come with a 3 Year warranty.

You can simply keep your receipt for 3 Years and provide this as your proof of purchase.

Otherwise you can register on the Majestic 3 Year Registration Website Portal: Warranty

The Majestic TV antennas such as the UFO X, the come complete with 10M (33ft) RG59 TV Coax. This type of cable works best at this length. As you increase the length of the cable your rate of loss accelerates.

Therefore, if you are looking at longer length of cable, we suggest either RG6 which is good to about 20M (66ft). If you need longer, then we suggest you go to RG11 which is good to about 30M (99ft).

Quad shield is the best option if you can source this as this will also help with reducing the amount of noise being picked up in the cable, especially over longer runs.

Firstly – you need to make sure it is wired up correctly.

There are two connectors close together which say out1 & out2 – these go to the TV’s or FM radio. The one on its own IN is the Antenna lead – make sure it is wired correctly.

Secondly – the Majestic UFO X is a boosted TV Antenna. There are several things that you can test before the antenna is classed as faulty.
The First thing to do is to see if the Junction Box has power to it. When power is applied there will be a Green Light on the UFOX model Junction box. Or small red light on the side of the Original UFO TV Antenna. If there is NO Green light, unplug the power cable. Check if there is 9V to 27V coming into it (depending on your power system). The Center Pin will be positive (red +) and outer pin negative (Black -). If there is no power then this is your problem, you need to get power to the Junction box.

If power is getting in, then check to make sure power is coming out of the junction box. Remove the cable going to the Antenna (IN). Place a small wire in the center pin section and carefully measure the voltage (again Center pin will be positive). If there is power coming out – then the box is ok.
If there is No Power coming out the Box is faulty – contact our support team to organize this with you.

Now we need to know if there is power getting to the TV antenna. The easiest way is to see if there is a blue light at the bottom of the TV Antenna. Please note you cannot see this during the day. The Blue Light shines through the TV antenna and can only be seen of night time or dusk. If there is a Blue Light then the system is correctly working. You need then to Retune the TV or relocate to another location where there is a better signal. If you are already in a strong signal area and still cannot get any channels after a retune – make sure you have the TV Antenna setting set for AIR (not cable) if you are in USA or Canada – if still nothing contact our support team.

If you do not have a blue light we need to see if there is power getting to the TV antenna. Unplug the cable from the TV Antenna. See if you can measure 12V at the end of the plug (Center pin positive be careful not to short the center pin and shield during measuring). If you do not have the power, it means there is an issue with the cable or plugs (as there is power coming out of the junction box and not getting to the end). You will need to check the plugs and cabling.

If there is 12V coming out of the plug going to the antenna, reconnect it and check again to see if you can see the blue light. If not, the Antenna is faulty, contact our support team to help.

If you are still having issues please feel free to contact the Majestic support team

If you are picking up some signal but not all signals, we need to make sure the Antenna is working, the quickest test is to pick a channel where the TV signal works, unplug the power cable from the junction box and see if the TV signal drops out. Check if the TV signal drops out – reconnect power and the TV signal should come back. This means the TV Antenna is working see other tests below.

If the TV signal did not drop out when you pulled the power cable out of the junction box this means either the TV antenna is not working or not wired up properly – see FAQs “My UFO X TV Antenna is not picking up any TV Stations what can I check?”

Other Tests – Now that we know the Antenna is working, we need to work out why you are not getting the best possible signal and these are some of the thing to look into:
Cabling – Majestic supplies RG59 this is good for about 10M (33ft). If you are running a longer cable we suggest you use RG6 Low Loss Quad shield cable. This will make a difference in the loss of signal.
Noise – This test is best done at night.
Turn off all appliances, Fridge, Chargers, Lighting etc (un plug the AC from the Boat or RV). Make sure nothing has power. The reason we do it at night as solar panels may still be charging so these need to be covered if you are doing it during the day or disconnect the solar Regulators. The only two things to have power should be the TV and Antenna. Now that you have isolated the power – retune the TV.
Location – You may be in a poor area, if you are in an RV or Caravan try a higher location. If you are in a boat you may be in a valley or low signal area try to re-locate.

If you are still having issues please feel free to contact the Majestic support team

This depends on how it was mounted:

Deck Mounted – Yes. If you use the deck mount with the thread, use this for the new UFO X. However, the antenna will sit very low and the cable comes in from the bottom. It should not at an angle like the old UFO. Therefore, the cable entry and connection will be tight. You can use the New Mount over the top of the old one as the new is larger and taller. To do this, you will need to remove the old mount. The New one will go over (cover) the old holes.

Mast Mounted – No. If you use the old mast mount with a metal bracket through the base of the old Mount, then the answer is No. You will need to change this mount to the New UFOXMMB which is the UFO X Mast Mount Bracket.

The Antenna comes with a socket on the bottom for mounting to 1″-14 threads – common GPS Antenna mount.

The reason you are getting pixelation is due to the signal not being strong enough. There is not enough TV Digital data reaching the processor. Therefore, it is only displaying the data it is getting.

This is mainly due to three reasons:
Firstly, your location. If you are in a weak signal area then the TV signal needs to be boosted. Either you move location to a better area or improve your antenna position or type of antenna if this is a consistent issue.

Secondly, poor antenna reception. If your antenna does not have a booster the signal you are picking up is too weak. The Antenna should have a booster built into it, we recommend at least 26dB Gain, anything less than this and you are not getting the best possible performance. The Majestic UFOX is 30dB Gain significantly more powerful than most antennas it’s size.

Finally, poor connectors or cabling. If you are getting pixelation and the first two points have been addressed, then you need to check the connectors to make sure they are on properly and there are no bad connections, also check the cable to make sure it does not have any corrosion in it.

One of these three will be causing your issue, to do a final test, you can try the TV at home or in a known good area and if the TV works then it is not the TV, it is the Antenna, Antenna connectors or wiring or location.


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