Kui Parks – Caravan Parks Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Kui Parks – Caravan Parks Just Got A Whole Lot Better

As full time travellers ourselves, we love to mix up the places we stay.  Whilst we love the freedom of outback bush camping at times, there are also those times where we want to enjoy the services that a fully serviced caravan park can offer.

However, when we do this, we make sure we look for particular things, with value for money being high on our list of priorities, especially not having to pay for services we do not need or use.  Having a warm welcoming host is also a huge bonus.

And it appears we are not the only ones that think like this.  We recently had the pleasure to meet Bert van Spronsen.  Bert, and his wife Kenau are founders of the Kui Parks chain, one of the fastest growing Caravan Park chains in Australia.  Bert has been an avid caravanner for over 40 years, and throughout this time has caravanned extensively through Europe, South Africa and Australia.  It was this love of caravanning that prompted Bert & Kenau to start Kui Parks here in Australia. kui feature logo

Bert has a background as a marketing and business consultant and performance improvement specialist.  He explained that he was originally looking to purchase a caravan park a few years ago for something different, and during his business research discovered that many parks were lacking in the areas that were important to the highest demographic of users, the ‘travelling Nomads’.

He said he became aware of the exposure many of the big chains had, and the focus on alternative camping.  After many months of research, reading newsletters, articles, forums and directly speaking with the nomads, it became apparent to Bert that the Nomads were not happy with current options.

Enjoy a range of activities at Kui Parks

Bert identified a gap in the market, it appeared that while there were many out there prepared to use caravan parks, they were often complaining about the services provided.  He found the parks were focusing on ‘what they have to offer’ rather than ‘focusing on what the customer wants.

Bert explains that a pattern emerged and the four main things the nomads were seeking were parks that were, Clean, Well Maintained, had friendly staff or owners, and provided real Value for Money.

Kui Parks insist on well-maintained grounds and clean amenities

So, instead of buying a caravan park, he started a caravan park chain, ensuring that he brought together all those parks that met his criteria.

We particularly like the Kui Parks selection process.  Bert and Kenau actually drive around the country and individually hand pick the parks that are in their chain.  Bert explained that he researches the park, and often attends incognito even before approaching the park owners.

He said, “That first visual impact is very important.  The park must be visually appealing and make you want to stay.   It can tell you quite a lot, if the park is cared for and loved, then they (the owners) will also care about the people that come to visit them.   When walking into reception, we gauge how we are greeted and welcomed. “

Sharing a campfire.  Pet Friendly areas.

A full assessment of the parks suitability is then undertaken, including discussing plans the park owners have in place to achieve their long term goals for the park.

Not wanting to just take Bert’s word for it, we decided to recently check out a few of the Kui Parks for ourselves.  Our first stay was at the Chinchilla Tourist Park, and we must say we were very presently surprised.  Without doubt it was one of the cleanest and well maintained caravan parks we have ever stayed at.  You can read our full review on this park here. Chinchilla Tourist Park.

Kui Parks – Chinchilla Tourist Park

Another park we visited was the Roses ‘n Things Caravan Park @ Barcaldine. A small park with a massive amount of charm, and the added bonus of a beautiful Tea Garden, Gift Shop & Nursery. Read our review on Roses n Things.


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To find out more about becoming a Premium Club Member and all the other benefits available to you, check out our Information Page.

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