Increasing Your Fridge Performance

Increasing Your Fridge Performance

Caravan fridges of all shapes and sizes can run hot, and in some cases over heat and shut down, especially if in confined spaces.  This ultimately leads to more consumption of power or gas depending on what type of fridge your have.  Whilst it is highly recommended that most caravan fridges should all be vented, there are a few other tips that you can use to help keep the temperature down, which in turn will help keep the fridge running more efficient.

Outside Facts:

With mid day temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius and using a Digital Laser Temperature Gauge we were able to prove the benefits of using a shade cloth cover over your fridge vents no matter what type of fridge you may be using… 3 way absorption (240v/12v/Gas) or compressor (24v/12v)

In direct sunlight the body temperature of the caravan reached 34 degrees Celsius.

Temperature of the external Caravan body

By placing a 90% domestic weight UV rated shade cloth cover over the fridge vents and allowing time for the caravan body to adjust the body temperature had dropped to 24 degrees Celsius.

Adjusted temperature of the Caravan 

A drop of 10 degrees Celsius.

Whilst the temperature of the commercial weight shade cloth was at  27 degrees Celsius.

Temperature of the shade cloth

This, clearly showing the shade cloth absorbing the heat yet at the same time reducing the heat being transferred onto the caravan body.

Inside Facts:

All caravan refrigerators lack air circulation. How many of you find that your vegetables or salads that are kept in your crisper turn to mush… due to having the fridge being turned up!

This is due to only having one cooling unit within your fridge – we found that placing a small Refrigerator Fan Unit inside the fridge, similar to the one pictured, may help this situation.

Internal Fridge Fan

We have found the fan-
* Reduces Food Spoilage
* Cuts initial fridge cool-down time by 50%
* Circulates air for consistent food temperature
* Improves air flow to stir up the cold air pocket
* Works great in the top of your ice chest
* The circulating air over the ice drops will drop the temperature by up to 25%

The fan can be placed anywhere in the fridge and runs for more than 30 Days on 2 “D” Batteries.  The fans can be purchased at camping shops or are readily available on eBay.

Average Size: (7cm L x 7cm W x 9cm H)


Keeping your fridge in order whilst travelling requires some serious thought—if too tightly packed / stacked you are limiting airflow.

Plastic Trays & Fridge Bars in place

We have also found buying several cheap plastic trays will contain the small items and using Refrigerator Bars will keep the larger items in place.

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