How to Reset Your Member Password

How to Reset Your Member Password

Have you ever forgotten your password and found it difficult to login or reset in the Free Range Camping Directory?  Now it’s easier than ever to reset it.

New Navigation Menu

In the top menu of the home page, you will see a DIRECTORY link.  If you click/mouseover, you will see a sub-menu with a link to reset the password (clicking on any of the links below will make them expand larger).

When you  click on that link, you will be taken to a reset password form.  You simply type in your username or email address, then click on GET NEW PASSWORD.  Our system will send an email to the email address you entered (or to the email address of the USERNAME you entered) with a link that will take you to a page to reset your new password.  If you have not received that email, please check your SPAM folder.

Directory Links Reset

When you are on the login page for the Web Directory at you will also see a Reset Password link just below the login form.

Check Your Spam

Free email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and the like, tend to put our emails into spam folders.  Unfortunately, because we have the word FREE in our domain name, that can trigger spam filters.  If you have requested a change, or you simply are trying to correspond with us, you should add our emails to your trusted senders list.  Below are some links to some common email clients on how to add emails to trusted senders:


When All Else Fails

When you have tried all of the above steps, you can always contact us and request to change it manually.  We will reset it for you so you can log in, then you can always change your password inside your profile.

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