Help Out – Thomas Brook Wines, Donnybrook


Help Out – Thomas Brook Wines, Donnybrook

Help Out – Thomas Brook Wines, Donnybrook

Helping Hand on a Winery

Another HELP OUT experience we had during our travels was in Donnybrook, WA, and once again quite by chance.

After visiting the local tourist information Centre, we were told of a winery just out of town that allowed Fully Self-contained RV’s to stay for the night free of charge if they purchased a bottle of wine.

Thomas Brook Wines Entry

It sounded like a great deal to us, so off we went.  We found Thomas Brook Wines  just out of town.  Our hosts Pam & Terry were so welcoming, and had us set up in pole position in no time.  With only a short walk to the cellar door we made sure we sampled the produce, and promptly purchased a tasty drop.

Not far to walk for a bottle of wine

Ready to leave the next day, Pam convinced us to stay and have a look around the area, telling us all about the local surrounds, and by this time the kids were quite content, especially Jade who made a new best friend.

Jade and her new found friend.

We decide to stay the extra day, look around the area and get to know our hosts better.  In doing so, what we also noticed was the astounding workload Pam and Terry had in front of them.  Apart from picking grapes and making wine, the property was also an apple orchard and had quite a number of sheep running on it.

Picking & eating apples, and rounding up sheep.

Following our recent stint on another farm, it became evident to us, that this couple could do with a hand, so in exchange for our Free Parking, we offered to help out for a few days.

The offer was readily accepted, especially as it as it was time to harvest, we fast learnt how to pick grapes and apples, Henry especially liked eating them.  We were also fortunate enough to get involved with a crush and the beginnings of a fine vintage.  We got to assist with farm tasks, and prepared a few meals for our hosts after quite a busy day on the farm.

Picking and crushing the grapes

In return, our hosts let us stay on the property, and even topped us up with some fresh water.   We had originally planned to stay in the area overnight, but are so glad we stayed longer.  It allowed us the prefect opportunity to see so much more of the area we otherwise would have missed.  And, having inside local knowledge meant we got to know about places we otherwise would not have heard about, one of which was Gnomesville, a village full of Garden Gnomes not to be missed.

Henry discovers 1000’s of Gnomes @ Gnomesville

Helping Out farmers during our travels has provided us some of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of our trip.  They are memories that the kids still speak of daily and look forward to catching up with their surrogate grandparents and pets again.  They have been able to learn the hardships of working life on the land, and also the rewards in helping others out.

So if you are a farmer or someone just in need of a helping hand, head on over to our Help Out registration page and enter you details.  Your listing will then be made available to thousands of our members who may be in your area and willing to lend a helping hand.

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