Help Out – Monkey Mia


Help Out – Monkey Mia

Help Out – Monkey Mia


Our first taste of Volunteering for our accommodation was way up in Monkey Mia, in Western Australia, renowned for it’s Dolphins.

Eagar and keen to see the dolphins that frequent this area, we quickly volunteered a week of our time for this awesome opportunity.  We would get to feed and see dolphins in the wild and up close.

We put our name on the list, picked some dates and it was all sorted, but we then realsied we needed some place to stay.   The options were to stay at the Resort itself, a bit costly for four of us for a week, especially on a tight budget, or head back into the town of Denham, which was fine, but would mean a lengthy drive each day.

Then, it was suggested to us, that the management of the Resort will sometimes allow travellers to work for their accommodation.  We put in our request with management, and struck a deal.  Two hours work per day in exchange for a free site.   (Even Henry chipped in and did his share.)

So, it worked out well, apart from the killer Pelican that tried to eat out son, but that is another story.

We got to spend 4 hours a day with the Dolphins and interact with these amazing animals.

Then, whilst the kids got to play and explore the area, I just did a couple of hours work around the resort.  The work wasn’t hard, mainly cleaning and small maintenance type jobs.

The end result was that we had an awesome week at Monkey Mia with the Dolphin’s and got to stay for free, which not only saved us over $70 per night, but allowed us to meet and interact with some of the locals, which in itself is a bonus.  After all they are the ones that know the area well and will often tell you about those magic little places that only locals know about.

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