Help Out Cooroy – Ray’s Farm


Help Out Cooroy – Ray’s Farm

Help Out Cooroy – Ray’s Farm

Driving a Dozer and Digging Trenches

Back on the Sunshine Coast for a week, and looking for somewhere to stay, we were offered a spot back on our friend Ray’s 100 acre property in the Hinterland town of Cooroy.   We set up camp high on the ridge, which offered amazing views especially of the sunsets.  But we felt we had to earn them, so asked Ray for a list of jobs we could help him out with for letting us stay

Views from our camp site

Ray was grateful for the hand, as it gave him the chance to get some two man jobs done. First on the agenda was pulling fallen trees out of the dam. Definitely a two man job, with the help of a dozer. Fun was had, as we both nearly landed in the water, but by midday we had successfully pulled three trees out of the dam.

Pulling fallen trees out of the dam

We were also able to help with repairs to the irrigation system and the new driveway, and Michelle cooked a few meals, all in return for a great place to stay.

Repairs to the irrigation system and digging trenches

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