Grey Nomads On The Move

Grey Nomads On The Move

Mass Exodus from Southern States

Contacts in New South Wales have advised FRC, that an unprecedented amount of Caravans and Motorhomes are heading north to Queensland in an effort to beat the midnight deadline on Wednesday, when the borders will shut for all non-essential travel.  Reports have shown that caravans and RVs at the usual overnight stops along the northern route have unprecedented numbers populating those areas.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is yet to outline what the stipulations are with respect to Queensland’s policy for interstate travellers attempting to cross its borders.  As of Tuesday, the 24th of March, Tasmania have upgraded their policy with a Non-Essential travel ban. 

“If you don’t have a good reason to come into Tasmania, you will be asked to turn around”.

South Australia and Western Australia have already closed their borders with a mandatory 14-day quarantined isolation period.  The details for caravanners and RVers are yet to be released.

At the time of this post, the other states have not yet released exact details with respect to crossing of state borders and enquiries with the respective tourism and government bodies have revealed, they are indicating that the same policy that Tasmania is enforcing, will be adopted nationwide.  In other words, it appears that most states of Australia will be adopting ‘Non-Essential Travel Bans’.

Essential travel would cover travel for your work (ie truckies, you work in another state, medical certificate, principal place of residence) but of those on recreational travel, you will be asked to turn around.

Full details of how this will work in each state is yet to be released in details from the respective Australian states governing bodies but early enquires with those states, indicated that most of the states will enforce similar bans across their borders.

UPDATE: 1:04pm – Following Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk press conference, she urged all interstate travellers to not travel to Queensland unless you are a resident,  have a work-related requirement, medical requirement, freight or essential service.  Others will be asked to turn around.  Details about the quarantine period is still forthcoming.



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