Gourmet Garden – A herb garden for your caravan

Gourmet Garden – A herb garden for your caravan

Herbs on the road

We love life on the road, but there are a few things we have had to learn to live without.  One thing in particular Jade missed was her Herb Garden.

From a young age she loved cooking, and now at the tender age of 9, she often rises before us all and makes her own version of scrambled eggs.  Apparently the secret, according to her is lots of herbs and don’t overcook the eggs.

Jade in her Herb Garden (before our trip)

Struggling to find fresh herbs while travelling, she has eventually resorted to her very own herb garden, which is great while we are stationary, but gets a bit cumbersome to lug around the countryside, and we find the herbs just don’t grow quick enough for the amount she uses.

Jade with her Herbs (now)

We discover Gourmet Garden

When we left on our big trip three years ago, a friend gave us a going away present, amongst it, two tubes of Gourmet Garden Basil & Garlic paste.  Both tubes went into the fridge, and were all but forgotten until a few weeks later when we needed Garlic.  Out in the middle of nowhere, with no Garlic, we remembered the Gourmet Garden tube of Garlic paste we were given.  And, that was all it took, unlike other brands we had tried in the past, it was fresh and full of flavour.    We were hooked, and have been using their herbs ever since.

Gourmet Garden – top shelf of our fridge

Herbs in the Outback

What we found, especially as we got further inland and into the outback, was that fresh fruit and veg were harder to come by, let alone fresh herbs.  So Gourmet Garden products quickly filled our fridge.  They came in especially handy when crossing the border into WA.  Jade was beside herself when we had to leave her Basil and Parsley plants and all our Garlic at the quarantine check point.  It was almost a Mexican standoff with the customs officer, which led to a frantic cook up, using Garlic & Basil in everything we could.

WA Border Crossing – Leaving all our Vegies & Herbs behind

So, whilst we still love our fresh herbs, we now make sure we have a constant supply of Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices in the fridge and use a combination of their pastes and lightly dried range in most of our cooking.  Because we love Gourmet Garden Herbs so much, we have teamed with them this month to highlight how easy they are to use, and how ideal they are for campers and travellers.

Our favourite Gourmet Garden recipes

As responsible parents, we encourage our daughter to do as much of the cooking as we possibly can.   OK, so we bribe her from time to time.  But, she comes up with some winners.  Here she has learnt to add flavour to her mother’s scrambled egg recipe, and experimented with herbed Mayonnaise.

Jade’s Herbed Scrambled Eggs

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Jade’s Garlic & Thyme Mayo

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We also love cooking outdoors as much as possible, so the portable cooktop and Weber get quite a workout.  Here is a recipe that adds extra flavour to Bacon & Eggs with a Spicy Basil & Chilli Tomato Sauce

Basil & Chilli Tomato Sauce

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Whilst we still lug around our small Herb garden in pots, we now turn to Gourmet Garden more are more because they are so handy while we are travelling.  We love that they are all grown in Australia, by our Farmers and made locally on the Sunshine Coast, in Qld.  You can keep the paste for up to 3 months in the fridge, or 4 weeks for the lightly dried herbs, and they have no preservatives in them.   They don’t take up much room, they have a huge range to choose from, and they are so easy to use as they are all prepped and ready to go.

Easy to use and ready to go

We use them in so many of our dishes, and would love to find more recipes that other campers use them for.

Win your own Weber Baby Q

So, for this month, we have teamed with Gourmet Garden to introduce their entire range to Campers, and also give one of our members the chance to win their very own Weber Baby Q.  Valued at $429

To enter, you just need to provide bar codes from 2 Gourmet Garden products plus tell us “What is your favorite meal to cook when you’re camping?”

Gourmet Garden will then judge the best recipe and the winner will take away their very own Weber Baby Q

weber click here to enter




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