Fraser Coast Wins with Its RV-Friendly Town Initiative

Fraser Coast Wins with Its RV-Friendly Town Initiative

The RV-friendly town (RVFT) status is currently held by 300 towns across the country, 61 in Queensland. And now, Fraser Coast is joining in on the movement.

According to Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia Queensland representative Richard Mainey, becoming an RV-friendly town would bring a holistic economic benefit to Maryborough. He, along with other supporters, believes that the city will prosper from being an RVFT, not only due to the location of the town but more importantly because they had the skills and businesses that could cater to the needs of the travellers.

However, the significance of the project was put in question by one of the town councilors with the notion that the RVFT status corresponds to only one sector of the industry. He contested the move to amend the camping strategy of providing free short-term parking sites in Maryborough.

Mr Mainey reassured that when “a town achieves RVFT status it is for all RV travellers, I repeat all RV travellers and just not one vested organisation”.

“The dump point subsidy scheme administered by CMCA on behalf of Queensland Transport and Main Roads is likewise for the benefit of all RV travellers and saw the installation of a unit at Hervey Bay VIC.

“The business community of Maryborough in its ‘Imagine This City’ blueprint advocated strongly in support of welcoming RV travellers into the city. This was a very clear mandate that was presented to the camping options strategy but clearly overruled and ignored by a vested-interest group.”

Mr Mainey added that from the very first meeting of the camping options strategy group, it had been proposed to make Maryborough an RV Friendly Town (RVFT) under the CMCA program.

“Gympie Regional Council in their ‘Official Guide Gympie Region’ proudly displays the RVFT logo of towns with that status in their flagship tourism booklet. Congratulations Gympie Regional Council, they get it.

“Recently Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Andrew Willcox said council had committed $254,000 towards delivering Stage 1 of the RV Friendly area in Collinsville to boost tourism.” Collinsville Community Association co-ordinator Cassandra Woodhouse said ‘Achieving RV Friendly status has been beneficial.”

Mr Mainey believes that by making Maryborough an RVFT, it would fuel a positive start and could be easily done by providing additional short term RV parking for self-contained vehicles and to place the location as close as possible to the Maryborough CBD.

Full article by Jo Kennedy courtesy of Fraser Coast Chronicle.

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