Covid-19, Caravan & Campgrounds Industry Update, 26 March 2020

Covid-19, Caravan & Campgrounds Industry Update, 26 March 2020

Some States Shutdown Caravan Parks & Campgrounds

The last 24 hours has brought much confusion to Caravan Park operators, guest and the RV travelling community.  Following the National Cabinet meeting, 24th March, the Prime Minister gave discretion to the respective states to determine whether they will close Caravan Parks and campgrounds.  In the last few days, some states have released announcements to close their respective parks and campgrounds, except for ‘essential travellers’.

Essential Travellers per Australian Government guidelines as:

“The Government has seen that workers, people who live within caravan parks, and also people who are travelling around Australia and cannot get back to their place of residence, are classed as essential travellers and are welcome at caravan parks.”

The following information has been announced for each respective state:

New South Wales 
Effective 25 March 2020 

* Caravan parks and camping grounds in New South Wales are to remain closed except to permanent residents and their visitors and people who have no other place of permanent residence. 

Northern Territory  
Effective 25 March 2020 

* Caravan Parks remain open however all campgrounds in national parks and reserves remain closed.  

Effective 27 March 2020 

* Caravan Parks are to remain closed except to people who live permanently in caravan parks or are staying in caravan parks as interim abodes where their primary residence is not available.
* All non-commercial camping grounds are to close. 

Effective 25 March 2020 

* Caravan Parks are to remain closed except to serve residents and site tenants as well as those who either do not have a permanent place of residence.  All interstate and international tourists must leave Tasmania by Sunday the 29th of March.  

Effective 25 March 2020 

* Caravan and Camping parks are to remain closed except to people who live their permanently or if they are providing interim abode where the primary residence is not available. 
* All non-commercial caravan parks and camping grounds in national parks and state-owned land are to close. 

Currently, caravan parks remain open in South Australia and Western Australia.  

75,000 Road Travellers Crossing Borders

At any day in Australia, there are some 75,000 people travelling with Caravans or with RVs.  Whilst the Government is implementing steps they deem necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus, these steps are going to place undue stress and pressure on these people.  A lot of these people are going to be trying to get home and deal with each states respective cross border polices.  Each state’s cross border polices can be found HERE.  Albeit understandable, there is going to be some undue pressure on travellers and caravan park operators.

* Potential road safety issue, as people attempt to get home, as quickly as possible.  There is every possibility that travellers will drive longer than they need to as the option to stay overnight in parks and campgrounds has disappeared in certain states.

* Possible forced eviction of long term residents of caravan parks, as they are forced to close due to the policies of their respective states to shut.

* Unnecessary forced option of people to push through their normal times of travel in an attempt to get home, instead of responsible driving periods and pull over, rest and refresh in accommodation options that are now, no longer available.

It appears this year, Easter camping holidays, ever-popular, will no longer be held in Caravan Parks and Campgrounds.  This holiday period will now be spent at home.  However, it is the people that are on the road full time, or people that rely on Caravan Park accommodation that are going to be adversely affected by these draconian measures.  The Caravan Park Association of Australia is working closely with the Australian Government in an attempt to treat each states caravan parks the same as hotels and motels.  The ability to provide roofed accommodation (with onsite cabins etc) and provide self-contained amenities for caravans and RVs.

As more information comes to hand on this continually evolving crisis, we will ensure we pass this on to you all, so you are at least informed and aware of the continual conflicting information.



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