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Welcome to Free Range Camping e-news

Hello and welcome to Edition 6 of the FRC e-News.  As winter falls upon us we are still on the Sunshine Coast and being true Queenslander's, we're starting to feeling the cold.  A very good reason why many many caravanners will be travelling north about this time of year.  But, for those of us who can’t, a good campfire should do the trick.

In this edition we tell you more about the 'FRC On-Line Store', and we take a closer look at Burra in SA, including some great places to camp.  There is a story from a fellow caravanner about volunteering while travelling, and how it enhanced her whole experience.  We introduce 'Spare Harvest'; a great way to access fruit and veggies while travelling.  We also check out some great new products we have found and introduce a new Tips & Tricks section with advice from other travellers that can make life easier when camping.


Welcome to the Free Range Camping Shop

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 'FRC On-Line Store'. 

We are putting together a unique range of camping and caravan-related products for all our Members.  Many of the products have been designed and developed here in Australia and even some products not available in stores.   It is all a part of FRC supporting and promoting small Aussie businesses whenever we can. 

Before we add products to the store, we will test them and run them through their paces then give an overview of what we thought about them.  Also, with our membership numbers growing rapidly, we will be able to offer exclusive deals to FRC members which include discounts or special offers not available elsewhere.

So, to find out more and secure some great deals, head on over to the 'On-Line Shop' and check it out. 

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Know of any great products?

We are alwasys looking for new products to add to our range, so if you know of any products that you think are ideal for campers, please drop us a line so we may research them and, if suitable, make them available to all our Members. [email protected]


Join our Facebook Group

We have also started a Facebook Group.  This Group will be in addition to our Facebook page and will allow for better two way conversations, assistance and interaction between Members and campers. 

Similar to an open forum, it will be a platform to connect with others, initiate your own posts, and ask questions amongst yourselves.  With Facebook limiting the reach of our fan page, being a member of the group will ensure that you will be notified of any new campsites or updates we make to the Directory.  It is a closed group, so to join, please head on over and send us an invite.


Historic Burra

This month we take a closer look at Burra, located only 164km north of Adelaide.  Burra is a great place to stop and explore if you are headed to or from the Flinders Ranges.  Surrounded by beautiful rugged countryside, the whole area is a history lover’s delight, with many old buildings and mining remnants to explore. 

There are loads of camping options from Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, National Parks & Free Camps, some great walking trails nearby, and some great events held throughout the year. 


A Traveller's Story

Travelling around Australia in a caravan or motorhome, either full-time or part-time has many rewards.  It’s an exciting and challenging prospect which more and more people are doing these days.  Not knowing what lies ahead or what you will experience is all part of the fun and adventure. 

However, after a few months Caravan Parks and campsites can get repetitive, and there are only so many waterfalls and gorges you can see, so some travellers start to look for something different to break up the adventure.  Something challenging or rewarding to fill in their days and get more out of their travelling experience.

Travelling solo for the last 4 years, Carol was one of these people.  Deciding it was time to try something different she headed off to a little place called Waroona in Western Australia to volunteer on one of BlazeAid’s latest projects.  Well looked after, with a place to park her caravan and complimentary meals, Carol got more than she bargained for and the experience has changed her life for the better.


Protect your Caravan from – Mould, Smells, Ants & Mozzies

This month we take a closer look at another great Aussie product, 'Essential Shield'.  Made from all natural ingredients, 'Essential Shield' have a full range of products that are ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes and Campers.  They stop musty smells, prevent mould and stop ants and mozzies infiltrating your personal space. 

Ideal if you are a full time traveller or store your van for long periods of times.  To find out more about these great products, see our product overview and take advantage of the 'Caravan Care Pack' offer that Essential Shield have put together exclusively for FRC members!


How to Get the Bbest out of Your Fridge

This is a new section where we will be writing about some 'Tips & Tricks' for Camping & Caravanning. 

This article is from Allan, from Over the Top.  Allan is a fellow traveller touring OZ in his caravan, just like many of us.  During his travels he has picked up a few things along the way from his own experiences and those of other travellers.  This will be an ideal forum to share some of those tips with you, starting with this month’s tip on how to increase your fridge's performance.

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Introducing Spare Harvest

Have you ever wanted to know where you can get fresh food and produce while you are travelling around in new areas and, in some cases not even have to pay for it? 

This is the concept behind 'Spare Harvest'.  A platform that allows you to find gardeners willing to share, sell or swap their produce.

FRC have been talking to the founder of Spare Harvest and will soon be partnering with them to provide our Members access to this great new service.

Find out More by clicking the link below.


Congratulations to the winner of last month’s Gourmet Garden & Weber Promotion.


Julieen Dungey of Perth, WA won the Weber Baby-Q with her Toasted Garlic Turkish Bread with Roasted Vegetables and Feta recipe. 

Julieen, her husband and 4 year old daughter have just bought their first caravan and are preparing for a year-long trip around Australia, so the Weber will come in very handy.  Julieen was ecstatic when she was informed of her win and very grateful as she had been researching the best BBQ to take with them.

You will find Julieen’s winning recipe using Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices and of course, a Weber, via the link below.


Whats on around the place

24 June – 2 July – Outback Film Festival, Winton, QLD

24 – 27 June – The Alice Springs Beanie Festival, Alice Springs, NT

25 – 26 June – Darwin 4WD, Boating & Camping Expo, Darwin Showgrounds, NT

4 – 6 July – Birdsville Big Red Bash, Birdsville, QLD

29 – 31 July – Gold Coast Midyear Caravan & Camping Expo, Gold Coast Turf Club, Bundall, QLD

If you know of any upcoming events in your area, please let us know so we can add them to next months Newsletter.   [email protected]


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