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Caravan & RV Storage Solutions

Caravan & RV Storage Solutions

Have you ever put your Caravan, Motorhome, Campervan, or Camper Trailer into storage, only to pull it back out and find it full of Mould or Mildew and smelling so bad you cannot bear to spend the night in it? Let alone the next few weeks on your trip.

Mould loves growing in closed up RV’s

Well, in consultation with Grant from Essential Shield, we have found a solution for you.

The RV Storage Pack is designed to:

  • Ensure there is no live mould inside the RV before you place it into storage.
  • Defend against mould while in Storage.

We previously introduced our Caravan Care Pack some time ago in the form of several natural products developed by Essential Shield which specifically targeted Mould and Mildew, as well as an excellent range of natural insect repellents.

The original Essential Shield Caravan Care Pack

The packs have been hugely popular amongst our members who have achieved outstanding results in eliminating mould and mildew from their vans, and had many enjoyable nights by the campfire, without being bitten alive by mozzies.

Now, Grant, who is a specialist in Mould removal and prevention treatments has come up with a smaller version of what he uses in his commercial Mould removing enterprise. Grant typically uses a method know and fogging to eliminate mould from homes. Using his own unique blend of Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove, he has produced a combination of essential oils that have proven to rapidly remediate the entire spectrum of mould.

Industrial fogging machine – too big for RV’s

In order to work effectively, the oils need to be diffused correctly and spread around the area where they can get to work in killing mould, mildew and odours. The trick has been to find a diffuser capable of delivering enough vapour around larger areas such as caravans and RV’s without using industrial machinery.
After much searching and testing of numerous diffusers over a period of time, Grant has managed to find a smaller version of his industrial fogger in the form of the ALCYON premium quality Ultrasonic Diffuser which ticks all the boxes.

The ALCYON Ultrasonic Diffuser

This powerful diffuser has allowed him to achieve similar results to his industrial machines but means you can now have one on hand to use either while travelling or just before you place your RV into storage.

The diffuser is large enough and powerful enough to be effective in larger spaces such as caravans and motorhomes. Whilst it is still a 240 volt unit, is such low voltage consumption that it is also able to be run off an inverter, which makes it ideal to use, even if you are only on 12 volts, yet it still works effectively is dispersing the Essential Shield natural oils that kill and control Mildew and Mould.

The fumigation process is simple and easy to do and we have tried it ourselves on a van that was recently put into storage.  You can watch our video to see how easy it is to do yourself.

How to prepare your RV  for storage to avoid  mould 


Can I use a smaller diffuser?

Yes, you could, but not with the same results.   Smaller diffusers are great for smaller areas, but Grant found that the ones he tested were just not powerful enough to diffuse the oils correctly and deliver them to all areas of the RV

Can I just use bleach to do the same thing?

Whilst bleach and chlorine have been used extensively over the years as a suggested Mould killers, it has since been proven that they actually do not kill Mould. Instead, they merely discolour it so you cannot see it.

How effective is the Essential Shield Oil?

The essential shield formula is 100% Natural and based on a broad range of international research by universities and other health research organisations that have been conducted into the effectiveness of essential oils to kill the entire range of moulds, of which there are over eight thousand species.  Essential Shield have independent lab tests to prove this claim.

Download Test Results

Alcyon Diffuser Specifications

Download Spec Sheet

So in conjunction with Essential Shield we have combined their unique blend of essential oils, Mr Mould surface cleaner and the diffuser,  and put together the perfect solution for you to treat your RV before it goes into storage, or, even if you use it on a regular basis, it does not hurt to treat your van to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.

The RV Storage Pack is now available in the FRC Shop and as usual, we have put together a great Premium Club Member Offer.

Watch Our Video About The Pack



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